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( Guest : Song Ji Hyo , Go Ha-ra , Lee Chun-hee )

In this episode the members and guest stars at the beginning of the show had to find their own place and the first to arrive could choose their own team, Lee Kwang Soo was the first to arrive and he chose Song Ji Hyo, Haha, Yoo Jae Suk, and Gary became the Red team, So Kim Jong Kook, Go HaRa, Song Joong Ki, Lee Chun-hee became the Blue team.

Members and guest stars are not allowed to leave Suwon World Cup Stadium for 24 hours, they will compete to collect piggy banks with money and money can also be obtained through missions, here Ji Suk Jin arrived late which eventually became a member of the Blue team.

The first mission was carried out in the Galery Room, the two teams had to find a piggy banks that Producer Running Man had hidden 4 piggy banks in this first mission, the Blue team managed to find three pig piggy banks while the Red team only found one.

After the first mission finished Ji Suk Jin offered the game of paper rock scissors that loses must hand over a  piggy banks, the Red team agreed to the game as a winning bet that would get a piggy banks, but the bad luck now at the Red team, the only piggy bank they have , should given to the Blue team, because the Blue team won the rock scissors game.

The second mission began, they had to answer the questions posed by their teammates but here something was different, the producer of Running Man brought in 40 cheerleading volunteers, the cheerleading task was to disrupt the mission for the two teams, of course it made both teams upset because this is unexpected.

The Red Team started first, at that time Haha gave questions to the Red team members and because the cheerleaders were too noisy haha ​​became annoyed, but the results were pretty good the Red team managed to answer 3 questions.

Now it is Song Joong Ki turn from the Blue Team to ask questions, the cheerleaders also annoy them and finally the Blue Tm succeeds in answering 4 questions, Yoo Jae Suk asks the Blue team for a rematch, then Ji Suk Jin says kneel to me if you want a rematch, No matter the answer to Yoo Jae Suk, without further ado Yoo Jae Suk kissed Ji Suk Jin knee, and Ji Suk Jin just laughed.

After the rematch it turned out that the results had not changed Blue Team again won this second mission, and they won 500,000 WON.

 The third mission is a photo on the podium, the most members are photographed so the team is the winner, this game is quite simple as the first episode.

The two teams blocked each other when they were going to be photographed, round 1 Blue team win they had 4 member in the photo , round 2 Draw both of team had 3 member in the photo , for round 3 Red team win because only Kang Gary in the photo, round 4 Blue team win they had 3 member in the photo , round 5 only the girl both of team but the result didn't get it because the girls not in the photo , the final round is Ji Suk Jin and Kang Gary take a photo , the winner is Kang Gary.

What's interesting in here  Kang Gary when he was photographed there , stay with a calm expression, the Running Man members laughed when he saw him and the winner of this third mission was the Red team, they got 500,000 WON.

To continue the fourth mission the two teams had to board the prepared bus, but before that they had to find swimsuits in a bag that had been hidden in the VIP room, the Red team managed to find swimsuits first and also they took swimsuits belonging to the Blue team, finally the Red team managed to leave first to start the fourth mission.

The fourth mission was held in the pool, the producer hid five piggy banks all over the pool area, the Red team managed to find 3 piggy banks, while the Blue team arrived 10 minutes late they managed to find 2 piggy banks.

The five misson the members tested their courage by jumping into the water, they could choose a height of 1.5 meters, 3,5 meters, 5 meters, 7.5 meters and 10 meters. Each team member leap will be accumulated, the team that has the highest score will be the winner.

Temporary Result , the blue team collected 6 piggy banks and 500,000 WON, while the red team collected 3 piggy banks and 500,000 WON.

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