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( Guest : Son Dambi , Se7en , Kim Shin Young )

In this episode, running man uses a new method for the final game using Running Ball, Running Ball will be used at the end of the event to determine who won and who received the penalty by drawing.

The winning team can return home on time while the losing team must receive a penalty, this time Running Man invites Kim Shin Young, Se7en, Son Dambi as guest stars.

For this time, Blue team Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, Se7en, and Son Dam-bi for the Red Team Kim Jong Kook, Song Joong Ki, Kang Gary, Haha, and Kim Shin Young.

At the opening of the second event the team had to look for a running man agent hiding in the Seoul Tower area, the red team used the bus to go to Seoul Tower and the Blue team just walked up the stairs to Seoul Tower, Seoul tower at night was a suitable place to gather , it's true when the Running Man members arrived they were immediately surrounded by spectators, after not long looking for those who found the Running Man agent was the Red team, and the first Running Ball was obtained by the Red team.

The first mission began, this time the two teams had to wear buckets taped to their feet, and put the other buckets in, and take the Seoul Tower miniature, the first to enter the finish line was the winner.

In the first round, Haha with Lee Kwang Soo, Haha was having a hard time taking the Seoul Tower miniature, while Lee Kwang Soo lost his balance he fell many times because the bucket put on his leg didn't stick properly, the first round winner was Haha from red team.

For the second round, Son Dambi with Kim Shin Young, Son Dambi was unexpectedly able to walk using his bucket quickly, so Kim Shin Young was far behind, but what's interesting here is Kim Shin Young cheating on taking Son Dambi's Seoul Tower Miniature, and after the mess ended the second round winner was Son Dambi.

For the third round, Song Joong Ki with Se7en, this time the competition was fierce in the third round because Song Joong Ki and Se7en played cheats, but finally the winner of the first mission was the Blue Team they got Running Ball.

The second mission began, the two teams had to find a Running Ball that had been hidden by the producer in the Seoul Tower area, the two teams had to get instructions by tearing two opposing name tags that were randomly put on each selected member.

On this mission the two teams attacked each other members who were considered potentially to have a clue in their name tag, with the chaos that happened Running Ball was found on the top floor of the Seoul Tower by Song Joong Ki, and the second mission winner was the red team.

The third mission began, this time the two teams had to drink coffee, but what's interesting was that they used a spoon that had been given a number and hidden behind the cloth, the size of the spoon was different in each number from the smallest to the biggest.

The two teams took turns picking spoons, and they drank coffee that had been made at different rates for each member, some were the coffe very sweet because they had too much sugar, and some were the coffe bitter because they were only given a little sugar, and they had to drink it even though the coffee was still hot , and the third mission winner is the blue team.

After that to fill in the free time because soon enough in the morning, Yoo Jae Suk asks Kim Shin Young, Kim Joong Kook, Se7en to dance one by one.

And the last mission begins, the last mission is to play badminton by tying the hands of team members together and in one match must get 5 points, the match is only 2 rounds and if  the team win the last round that's the winner, the two teams compete to win the final mission because of determining who among those who will go home quickly and who will be punished.

The first point was easily obtained by the Blue team because of Lee Kwang Soo's good service, and this time the red team got a point because of an error from Ji Suk Jin, he made an outs and the next point was obtained by the Red team thanks to Se7en's mistake which hit the side area. the Red team leads while 2: 1.

The point was obtained by the Red team thanks to Haha's service, because the ball soared the blue team couldn't hit it well, and not long the score drew to 4: 4 the end of the match was getting closer, and the winner of the first match was the red team net and enter the blue team area.

The second match began, the first point was easily obtained by the Blue team because of a Haha error, and the score ended quickly, this match was won by the Blue team with a score of 5: 2 and the game was won by the blue team.

Finally arrived to use the Running Ball that the two teams had collected, Running Ball entered into the lottery place, the possibility of winning the Blue team more because they managed to collect 3 Running Balls while the Red team only had 2 Running Balls,

But unexpectedly coming out of the lottery red ball which indicates that the red team is the winner.

The blue team received the penalty of scribbling faces and going home using a bus, on the bus many passengers laughed because they saw a very funny appearance.

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