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( Guest : Kwon Yu Ri / Yuri Girls' Generation (SNSD) )

Running Man episode 16 this time to be held at a 'I' shopping mall in Yong San. As the best flowing population and the heart of Korean shopping. Approximately 350,000 people a day on average visit in this shopping mall. So this is a really big place.

Today's first mission is to outwit guest stars Yuri from Girls' Generation's or SNSD.With the secret mission 1vs8 infiltrated inside, the Running Man members and guest were given a fake mission to answer 10 questions correctly in three round of game with 100 seconds time limit each rounds. 

Of course the guest star Yuri did not know the real purpose of this mission is a 1vs8 mission, that has a goal to prevent her answering question correctly.

Then continued to second mission 'Increase your weight to 1 kg'. The member will be divided into three group consist 3 people for each group.The members will be weighed before carrying out the mission. After that the member have to eat food that provided by the staff to increase their total weight by 1kg.

After that the third mission. Running Man member and guest star Yuri SNSD must play hide and seek game in an empty shopping mall in the middle of the night.

The members had all gathered in front of the shopping mall, guest stars Yuri from Girls' Generation or SNSD had also arrived. Before Yuri came the members were having fun talking about the previous episode. 

At that time Song Ji Hyo also announced for the first time, that on Monday he had already had a man. Is this the Monday couple declaration?

When they are absorbed chatting to each other, Yoo Jae Seok almost accidentally talking about the secret meeting of 1vs8 mission in front of the guest Yuri. 

Yoo Jae Suk was very reckless, the Running Man member were almost got caught because of him. Luckily Ji Suk Jin helped him distract Yuri attention by changing the subject, so they survived the calamities that time.

What was happen one hour before is, the members and staff held a secret meeting discussing mission 1vs8. The members who were told of the arrival of Yuri members from Girls' Generation were very happy.Especially Lee Kwang Soo, who at that time looked so excited.

The staff said that during this time Yuri was in Japan and did not know about the 1vs8 theme. Because many previous episodes of Running Man used 1vs8 themes like this.So at least they will be safe because at that time Yuri was in Japan and probably did not watch the show.

At that time in the secret meeting it was explained that the task of the 1vs8 mission was.This mission is divided into three rounds and each round is given a time limit of 100 seconds to answer. Running Man members will be given the answer key from each round and are required to memorize it.

The purpose of this mission is to prevent Yuri from answering the answer correctly. The question asked was very difficult and the members had doubts about whether Yuri would be suspicious, because Yuri was a very vigilant member of SNSD.

To avoid suspicion at the beginning Yuri will be given one opportunity to answer questions correctly. Then soon as that happen they will start the mission 1vs8. But after that if Yuri succeeds in answering just one question, the Running Man members will lose and Yuri will get a Running Ball.

Then the first fake mission or 1vs8 mission began with the members who had begun opening at the beginning, starting to enter shoping mall to carry out their first mission.

At the beginning of the mission to avoid the suspicion, Yuri was given an explanation by Running Man PD, that the guest star in the previous week failed to get Running Ball.

Then the mission began, according to the plan at the beginning Yuri was given the first position to avoid suspicion. Then the first round began with the members have to guess the question by Yuri, the theme of the question this time was about the items sold in the mall.

As planned, the members managed to guess Yuri's question, the mannequin. Then Yuri moved to the back position, then the members running man one by one managed to guess the question, according to the answer key that had been memorized before.

Until it was Yuri's turn to come to the front to give the question the real 1vs8 mission begin. The members who had looked smart could guess all the questions at the beginning, now it looks like  everyone is a fool. When it was finished Yuri looked a little annoyed because the members couldn't guess the question about ceramics.

The Running Man members pretended that the question about the ceramic was too difficult, even though it was actually just their trick and Yuri fell for it.

Yoo Jae Suk said he wanted to go to the toilet to change clothes because at that time his clothes were sweaty. Even though the real reason is that he forgot about all the answer keys he had memorized. Yoo Jae suk also read the answer key in the paper while copying the answer in his palm.

Song Ji Hyo was looking at the answer key of Song Joong Ki's palm. He also seemed to have forgotten the answer.

The second round began with the theme this time about dance names. They all take turns going forward and imitating a dance movement the task of the members behind is guessing the dance.

Here it the picture shows that Yoo Jae Seok has changed clothes. and Yuri was placed in the last position cunningly by the members. 

Kim Jong Kook is in first position to imitate the dance movement, so he move to front. When this second round just started and Kim Jong Kook just made a move, pinching his own hand to give a hint. Lee Kwang Soo loudly shouted Salsa, everyone was surprised, including Kim Jong Kook, they felt Lee Kwang Soo was too fast and careless in answering the question.

But they all acted as if it were normal. Then one by one the members took turns to move forward and succeeded in guessing the intended dance movement. Yuri was surprised because at that time the members could guess the dance that sounded very strange.

Like when Haha mimicked a dance movement. Then Kang Gary could exactly tell the dance name. Yuri had been completely fooled. 

Then until finally it was Yuri's turn to be in front. Yuri accidentally mentioned the name Rumba in a small voice. But the Running Man members pretended to be stupid and did not hear that. He mimicked Rumba's dance moves in full throttle. 

But as planned by the members Running Man pretended not to know the answer. Until time ended the Running Man member failed to guess the name of the dance that Yuri SNSD explain.

The third round begins this time, the theme is about the name of the animal. At the beginning of round Haha mimicked the movements of an animal but none of the Running Man members knew the name of the animal. Kim Jong Kook cunningly looked behind looking at the paper with animal writing, then he answered the spotted lizard. Yuri was surprised again.

Then the next Song Joong Ki in the future mimicked the movement of the clawing dinosaurs. Ji Suk Jin guessed Tyranosaurus but guessed it was wrong.

Then Yoo Jae Seok miraculously answers Ceratosaurus. And the answer is correct. The members pretended to be surprised, then it is Yuri's turn to came forward. This time, Yuri is required to imitate species Irrawaddy dolphins from Bengal India. What the?

Actually Yuri has given two hints which is I and La, and Running Man member managed to guest the hint. But the members pretend not to know when Yuri tried to explained the third hint. This made Yuri a little frustrated. 

Seeing Yuri who was upset, maybe because she was a little emotional. When Haha loudly shouted "Hurry up". It seems that this provoked Yuri's emotions so that at that moment she suddenly shouted "WAA !!". 

Seeing the emotion that exploded the members looked shocked and scared. In fact Song Ji Hyo was seen laughing while holding his stomach.

Until the end the members pretended not to know. Until finally Yuri shouted the third hint "WAA !!" once again but they still pretended not to understand Yuri's shouting intent.

The final round ended and Yuri then cried because she felt of emotion and was feeling guilty because she had failed the mission.

The incident of Yuri who suddenly cried, made the Running Man members panic an tried to comfort Yuri. Until finally when all the Running Man members get Running Ball except Yuri. Finally Yuri realized she had been deceived.

The 1vs8 mission was successful, then they continued to second location to carry out the second mission.

The next place is Shopping Mall food section and the most importing one is nobody around or its empty from people. Yuri looks happy, because on the opening she said that this section is her favorite.

Yoo Jae Seok as the MC asked questions about the food the members and Yuri wanted to eat at this time, when Lee Kwang Soo's turn was asked he said he had the same food as Yuri. 

This made Yuri laugh and Song Joong Ki, who was in the middle of his position between Yuri and Lee Kwang Soo, pulled Lee Kwang Soo's arm to change positions.But  Lee Kwang Soo shyly refused the offer.

This make Yoo Jae Seok made a comment for Lee Kwang Soo that his feeling this time is like is a fan of Yuri. But too bad it is going to have bad ending Yoo Jae Seok teased Kwang Soo. All the member laugh.

When Kim Jong Kook asks whether the end of Kwang Soo's love. Then Yoo Jae Seok answers, 'punishment'. At the end of episode,Jae Seok words was proven, that Kwang Soo miraculously really received the punishment.

The second mission began, name of this mission is to increase the total scale to 1kg. The members are divided into 3 groups. The first group Kim Jong Kook, Haha and Kang Gary were weighed first. 

Their total weight is 225.1kg. This means that in order to successfully get Running Ball they have to eat the food provided by the Running Man staff at random place so that their total weight becomes 226.1kg.

Kim Jong Kook only eats healthy and non-fried foods. This means that Kang Gary and Haha must suffer from eating the food given by Kim Jong Kook.

After tasting every meal provided, Kim Jong Kook, Haha and Gary were weighed by electronic scales. Their total scales are 226.0 kg meaning they failed to reach the target of 226.1 kg.

The second team began to be weighed. Their total scales are 197.2 kg, meaning they have to add 1 kg of total weight to 198.2 kg at the end. 

Ji suk Jin carefully said that Song Ji Hyo's weight after being weighed was around 52.5kg. Because at the beginning Ji Suk Jin and Yoo Jae Seok were weighed and their weight was 145.7 kg. Song Ji Hyo reasoned that the weight of his shoes was 3kg and used a lot of accessories and was wearing a heavy vest.

The second group consisting of Yoo Jae Suk, Song Ji Hyo and Ji Suk Jin finally started the food tasting mission.

The specific strategy of this group is 'just eat'. They eat a lot on every corner of the food tasting. There was a funny event where Ji Suk Jin was romanticly trying to feed Song Ji Hyo but Song Ji Hyo caught Ji Suk Jin's hands and after taking food from Ji Suk Jin's hands, Song Ji Hyo ate the food himself.

Yoo Jae Seok who saw this laughed then said to Ji Suk Jin why to do that. Ji Suk Jin also looks a little annoyed. Then when Song Ji Hyo tried to feed Ji Suk Jin, Ji Suk Jin said that he could not eat food from Song Ji Hyo whose face looked annoyed. Lol poor Suk Jin.

After finishing tasting food, their total weight was weighed and it was only less than 100 grams of the target 1kg.

The third group of young people began to be weighed. Consisting of Song Joong Ki, Yuri and Lee Kwang Soo their total weight is 195.5 kg. Lee Kwang Soo was trembling at the time of the measurement. Maybe it's because of the electronic scales were small, or maybe because he was nervous when weighed together with Yuri.

This group looks like it's in a teen drama, where the main cast is Song Joong Ki and Girls' Generation's Yuri. Meanwhile, Lee Kwang Soo looks like an insignificant extras player.

They have the strongest logic where Song Joong Ki said they have to count the amount of food eaten by the previous team.

Song Joong Ki, whose friendship instinct is very high, uses this mission to bring Lee Kwang Soo closer to Yuri. He asked Yuri to feed Samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly) food to Lee Kwang Soo's mouth. Son Joong Ki successfully help Kwang Soo a little closer to Yuri.

Unfortunately after they finished when they were weighed, the result strangely the same as the previous teams they were only less than 100 grams to be able to complete the mission. 

Then to determine the winner, the three teams must compete on speed. The first team to successfully increase the weight of 100gr will be the winner. Then they split up. 

The team that has the fastest weight gain is Yoo Jae Seok's team, Song Ji Hyo and Ji Suk Jin. They win and they were each given a Running Ball by PD Running Man.

After that the third mission began. They are divided into 2 teams namely the red team and the blue team. Blue team consisting of 5 people. Yoo Jae Seok, Kang Gary, Haha, Song Joong ki and Song Ji Hyo. The task of this blue team is to find a cash register and collect the shopping receipts in the cash register to reach a total of 200,000 won.

The red team consists of 4 people, Kim Jong Kook, Ji Suk Jin, Lee Kwang Soo and SNSD's Yuri. The task of the red team is to find members of the blue team and then eliminate them by releasing the name tag on the Blue Team's back. 

And on each leg the red team is given a small bell that will ring when they step.

Team Blue had trouble finding the cash register. They are only given one hour to complete the mission. 

On the second and third floor Song Ji Hyo who seems always lucky manage to find 2 cash registers consecutively . And managed to find a shopping receipt with a total value of 124,000 won.

When they heard the bells rang clattering, the blue team who still focussing on looking for the cash register was shocked, then immediately hid. But unfortunately Song Joong Ki was caught by Lee Kwang Soo and Yuri, he was eliminated.

Song Ji Hyo managed to escape and hid on the bed under the blanket. 

Meanwhile Kang Gary and Haha are looking on the 4th floor. And at that time they still hadn't found the cash register. Even Haha mistakenly thought the fax machine was a cash register.

Suddenly they hear a bell ring, then Kim Jong Kook show up afterward. Kim Jong Kook saw Gary and inform the other red team to go to 4th floor. Kang Gary was caught by commander, and send to prison on the second floor.

Haha luckily managed to escape to the fifth floor.

Song Ji Hyo came out from hiding. He went to meet Kang Gary and Song Joong Ki who was in the prison on the second floor to take the shopping receipt.

After successfully taking the shopping receipt, Song Ji Hyo immediately went to look for another cash register. Lee Kwang Soo, who was in the elevator with Commander, he accidentally looked at Song Ji Hyo and chased after him. But Commander did not go after with him.

At that time Lee Kwang who was supposed to take Ji Hyo's name tag was running scared after Song Ji Hyo released her shoes while threatening Lee Kwang Soo not to get close to her. What the??

On the 6th floor Yoo Jae Sook manages to find one cash register but he can't open the cash register. Because he unable to quickly open the cash register, Yoo Jae Seok was finally found out by Ji Suk Jin and a chase scene ensued. But finally Yoo Kae Seok was cornered and was eliminated.

Meanwhile on the fourth floor Song Ji Hyo managed to find a cash register again. A total of 3 cash registers were discovered by the Ace Song Ji Hyo. And managed to find a shopping receipt with a total value of 179,900 won.

But at that time she was spotted by Kim Jong Kook. Then Song Ji Hyo skillfully knelt begging the Commander. Even Song ji Hyo hugged one of KimJong Kook's legs while begging to be released. Finally Kim Jong Kook's heart melted, he released Song Ji Hyo.

In this mission Song ji Hyo plays a very big role for the Blue Team. Finally after various events, Song Ji Hyo managed to get enough shopping receipts and Team Blue finally won.

After that, four people were punished and had to go to the fish market while wearing hot pant. they are Kim Jong Kook, Kang Gary, Lee Kwang Soo and Yuri.

And borrowing from Yoo Jae Seok's words the ending for the pair of Lee Kwang Soo and Yuri is indeed a punishment. End of Episode.
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