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(Guest : Son Na Eun (A-Pink), Seo Young Hee, Ahn Hyo Seop)

In this episode , the opening theme of the Running Man this time is about Halloween event. The members wore Halloween costumes and their faces were given thick makeup.

The eight Running Man members spent hours wearing these costumes and makeup. They look very striking.

Then the guest stars appeared. Son Na Eun with her white costume, Ahn Hyo Seop in a vampire costume, Seo Young Hee in her witch costume. But they don't wear thick makeup. This is what causes jealousy from the other members.

In this episode there are two groups, namely ghost and human groups. But the ghost group's identity is kept secret. Actually the human group's identity is also unclear. And the human group will fight against the ghost group.

Even after the brief opening, the members had to change their clothes and remove their makeup to enter the next round. But this caused a strong reaction from the members who had spent hours in their costumes and clothes. because they didn't think that the Halloween costumes were only for the opening ceremony.

Finally after cleaning his face and changing their clothes, the members proceeded to the next round. 

Here they will get instructions about ghost members, if they successfully complete the mission.

In this mission members are required to guess the title of the song based on the dance movement that starts and relay from behind. The front player must guess the title of the song and singer while wearing headphones.

Ji suk jin makes a blunder using the wrong moves, even though Son Na Eun starts it right. Ji suk Jin looks like he is scratching his cheek, even though the original movement is not like that.

This of course makes the other members laugh.

Seo Young Hee, Ahn Hyo Seop, and Song Ji Hyo did a silly dance move that made it difficult for the members at the front to guess it. It was very funny

After that Yoo Jae Suk gets a hint from PD and there is a commotion. Yoo Jae Suk accidentally touched Kim Jong Kook.

The Commander was angry with Jae Seok

Then Kwang Soo becomes the mediator of the fight and tells Jae Soek to apologize to Kim Jong Kook's chest.

They finally stopped fighting, and finally the instructions about the members
ghost group was obtained. The clue is that there are three members of the ghost group and one of them is a woman.

On the next mission they will get a clue if they get all the food at the end of the mission. At each of these foods, there is one clue about the identity of the Ghost Group members.

Its mission is to perfect a name consisting of three words.

The female members have the right to choose one male member. Song Ji Hyo paired up with Haha, Suk Jin with Seo Young Hee. Then until Son Na Eun's turn to choose one male member.

Yang Se Chan, who is known to have a heart for Son Na Eun, was pounding his heart as she approached.

But unfortunately Son Na Eun chose Jae Seok...

Yang Se Chan turned his head away, his eyes looking towards the Producer and Staff.

The incident that occurred in just seconds, was seen by Kwang Soo with his sharp eyes. He asked Se Chan why he was looking at the Director and staff when Son Na Eun chose Jae Seok.

Then comes the turn of Soo Min, who requires the male member to fight over it by playing Rock paper scissors.

Kim Jong Kook looks at a glance he says he doesn't like this way.

But in the end he won, and looked happy. This is a blunder because at first he said he hated him, but then looked happy. Other members also saw it. Kim Jong Kook also looks embarrassed. It's like a love story said Haha

The mission goes. At the end of the determination mission, Kwang Soo asks for Jae Seok's help.

But Jae Seok looks away from Kwang Soo. They finally lost.

Kwang Soo is angry with Jae Seok. Though from the beginning he said he would help him. But when Kwang Soo looks at Jae Seok, he avoids his gaze.

Finally they failed at the mission and did not any hint about Ghost group identity.

The next mission is to choose the correct answer from the four choices. By entering the room provided. Each room is given a number above it.

The members who choose the wrong answer will be sprinkled with flour on their faces.

In every place only four people can enter, so they struggle to drive other members who choose the same answer.

When other members make a fuss, Soo Min takes advantage of the opportunity to date Hyo Seop.

In the last mission, members of the human group will look for clues and tools that can be used to capture members of the ghost group.

There was a mess because it turned out that Ahn Hyo Seop was a member of the Ghost Group. The human members are eliminated one by one.

But the two remaining Human Group members, Haha and Son Na Eun were finally able to provoke Kim Jong Kook who turned out to be a member of the Ghost Group. They finally defeated The Commander.

Human Group members win and get gold badge prizes.

But at the end of the show, Yoo Jae Suk and Haha who felt sorry for Ahn Hyo Seop and Seo Young Hee for not getting a gold badge, Jae Seok and Haha gave their gold badge to the two guest stars. it was a Happy Ending
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