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( Guest : Kang Han Na, Seol In Ah, Bae Joo Hyun / Irene Red Velvet,Park Soo Yeong / 
  Joy Red Velvet )

In this Running Man episode 426 is a merger of 2 separate episodes that are not related to each other. The first part is the member competition that knows the other members the most, the second part is couple race.

In the first part, the members made opening shots in different places and separated from each other. Why are they separated? Later, the reasons will be explained.

There are no special guest stars in this first part of episode 426. Located somewhere in Seoul the Running man members must carry out the estafette mission from the first member location to the second member and so on. The hard part is that each member is only given one mission according to his expertise and is only given one chance to complete the mission, or may not fail. You could say this is called one person, one mission, one chance mission.

But beforehand they have to choose who is the leader who will choose the mission and choose the members to carry out the mission. To determine the leader, all members were given a piece of paper with one mission question write on it "Who is the Running Man member who knows the other members the most??".

For some members this is an easy question, they chose Yoo Jae Seok as the member who knows the other members the most.

But for some other members there are those who consider themselves to know other members. Like Lee Kwang Soo who thinks that he has worked for eight years with other members and knows them and their secrets.

Then Haha with his big mouth, said that he knew too much about the other members. Then Haha started gossiping about Kim Jong Kook and Yang Se Chan and bragging that he knew about the love history of Kim Jong Kook and the girl he had dated, then about Yang Se Chan who had met a girl. But Haha then asked for the part to be edited.

Finally the two trouble maker agreed to choose Yoo Jae Seok. Thus Yoo Jae Seok was chosen as their leader.

Lee Kwang Soo like usual made an annoying comment, this time about about Ji Suk Jin. He says that Ji Suk Jin is the person who least knows them. Kim Jong Kook said the same thing. Indeed, Ji Suk Jin, as the oldest member, should know more about the other members. But because of his ignorant nature, the other members chose the second oldest member, Yoo Jae Seok, as the person who knew the other members the most.

Somewhere at the last location there are eight glass boxes with lights and name tags of Running Man members inside. Every time they successfully complete one mission there will be a one glass box that lights up with the name of the member who completed the mission.

If they succeed in completing all the missions, all the glass boxes will light up and they may return to their homes. But if they fail then they will be dragged to this last location and then given time to light up the remaining glass boxes by playing certain missions in that location. If they fail there will be severe penalties awaiting the members.

At that time there was one box that had been lit, the glass box belonging to Yoo Jae Seok. Meaning that the members have successfully completed one mission by choosing Yoo Jae Seok as the member who knows the other members the most. And as the member who knows the other members the most, Yoo Jae Seok is given the authority to choose a mission and choose one member that is suitable for the mission.

There are only seven more boxes that haven't lit up. This means it's time for Yoo Jae Seok to choose the second mission to turn on the lights in the glass box for other member.

Yoo Jae Suk chose the envelope offered by the producer. The contents of the envelope are Ddakji's "flip over one time to succeed" mission.

Yoo Jae Seok chooses Ji suk jin to complete this mission but when he gets to the location. There is a cute female staff member of running man telling Yoo Jae Seok that Ji suk Jin is going to the toilet.

Jae Seok scolded Suk Jin by saying that Suk Jin had changed the tension mood at that time. Then the producer explained the mission for Suk Jin, the Ddakji Game. Ji Suk Jin looks happy and says Ddakji is his second name Ji Ddakji. Miraculously he successfully completed the mission in one try.

Ji Suk Jin's glass box lit up. Then Yoo Jae Seok takes the next mission envelope. Here Yoo Jae Seok looks too excited about pulling out the mission envelope, so that the mission envelope that he pulled was dropped. Maybe because it was disturbed by Ji Suk Jin so that the mission envelope fell. But Jae Seok did not choose the envelope that fell earlier and opened the mission envelope he was holding.

The next mission is the mission that is suitable for Lee Kwang Soo, the mission is about guessing a riddle inside an images. Jae Seok chooses Kwang Soo because he thinks Kwang Soo is a member who is suitable for guessing this type of riddle mission.

Then Yoo Jae Suk and Ji suk Jin rise in the van to Lee Kwang Soo's location. When they arrived at Lee Kwang Soo's location, there was a funny incident when Kwang Soo saw their car and approached while greeting those who were still in the van. At that time Kwang Soo try to opened the front door of the car to greet Yu Jae Seok and Suk Jin. But when Kwang Soo greets while opening the front door, the ignorant Yu Jae Seok closes the front door, making the situation weird for Lee Kwang Soo.

Then the producer also explained the picture's riddle mission, Lee Kwang Soo also took the mission seriously and promised to try hard to solve it. When Kwang Soo says that, Yoo Jae Suk cuts Kwang Soo's conversation saying that Lee Kwang Soo isn't too smart. Then uncover Kwang Soo's past secrets from the rumor he received from his friend. Yoo Jae Seok said that Lee Kwang Soo once get the last rank in his school.

Lee Kwang Soo denied that rumor, and then Kwang Soo told the truth that he was actually ranked third from the last. And that there were two friends whose rank was below him. Then he told me that he is close with one of his two friends. And proudly said that he and his friend competed fiercely in the ranking problem at that time.

The staff laughed at Lee Kwang Soo's silly story. Then Yoo Jae Seok explained to the staff who were laughing, that it wasn't only the top ranks of the people who competed fiercely. In the lower ranks they have their own competition.

Lee Kwang Soo also managed to find out the answer to Riddle's picture, and Kwang Soo's glass box lit up.

One by one the Running Man members successfully complete the mission. Kim Jong Kook successfully completed a mission related to strength. He has to turn Yoo Jae Seok with his hands five times round around his body in limited thirty second time.

Next member Jeon So Min also successfully complete the mision. In an instant he shed a drop of tear. The members were shocked by the action of Jeon So Min who immediately started the mission. So Min is really an unpredictable member.

The next mission chosen by Yoo Jae Suk is the mission of guessing photos of celebrities. And Yang Se Chan was chosen to carry out the mission. And he could easily guess the photo of the celebrities photo that had been disarrange. It was Jenny's Black Pink photos that had been disarrange, and Yang Se Chan successfully clear the mission.

Unfortunately Haha failed to guess the right answer on the next mission. So they and the remaining members who have not had the chance to carry out the mission, Song Ji Hyo, were taken to the last location.

In this isolated place the Running Man members are given a time limit of ten minutes to complete 2 missions. That is a dart game and throwing shoes into the glass box that the staff has provided. If they are successful, they can go home, but if they fail, they will all be punished.

The cheaters Kwang Soo as usual used  every means to win the mission. in this dart game the members must stick the dart right into the center of the board. The members tried repeatedly but because it was very difficult they finally turned to the mission of throwing shoes with their feet.

The cheaters Kwang Soo became a hero in this mission, using a sneaky method he managed to fill the last glass box with his shoes. 

The remaining time is only about 3 minutes left. They rushed to the dart game. Yoo Jae Suk, whose accuracy was very low at the beginning, unexpectedly became a hero in this game. He managed to stick the dart right into the center of the board. Jae Suk is so shocked that he himself does not believe he has succeeded in securing the mission.

The race ended and the members managed to win and were allowed to return to their homes. Maybe because the mission is too easy, the race this time ends faster than usual. Next is the second part where the day and location of shooting are different and this time there are beautiful guest stars.

In the second part, the opening takes place in a 'Ch' University football field somewhere in Paju. The eight members arrived in the field while greeting the staff and spectators. The members were seen wearing warm clothes, because at that time the weather in Paju was cold even though the sun was shining brightly enough.

Lee Kwang Soo glanced at Kim Jong Kook, he noticed something, Kim Jong Kook he was wearing pants. Kim Jong Kook, who usually wears shorts, becomes the talk of the members. Like Yoo Jae Suk who said that he was worried about Kim Jong Kook who was wearing trousers earlier than in previous years.

Then Ji Suk Jin said that it was two weeks earlier than usual, Yoo Jae Suk added that usually in mid-December Kim Jong-kook usually wears pants. 

Glancing at Haha, he said that he felt disappointed. Seeing Kim Jong Kook who had been cornered Haha also added a provocative sentence. Then Ji Suk Jin added a sentence that was a little sarcastic to Kim Jong Kook, maybe the meaning of the senior members was, subtly insinuating telling Kim Jong Kook to get married soon.

Realizing he was being cornered smartly, Kim Jong Kook changed the topic. He turns to ask Yoo Jae Suk about his second child who was just born. Is there a resemblance to his father?. Yoo Jae Sook who looks worried says he doesn't know, that his daughter is still small so he hopes his face will be like his mother's  when she grow up.

Indirectly whether it was accidental or not, the conversation had just been related to what the Running Man members would do at that time.

It is time for couple race. Six male members will pair up with six women including Song Ji Hyo and Jeon So Min. Four more women are special guest stars who have often appeared on Running Man. As the initial opening to add to the romantic atmosphere, the staff have prepared something for them.

Behind the four doors are four female celebrities. Photographs totaling 24 photos at the door as a catalyst to enhance the romantic atmosphere at that time. The photo is a fusion of faces of male members and female members behind the door. Maybe it should have made 2 more doors for Song Ji Hyo and Jeon So Min to make it look more attractive.

The male members are required to take one of the photos at the door. Then the special guest star behind the door will choose the member of the Running Man she likes.

The all male members took one photo fusion between them and the guest star they liked. What so sorry for was Yang Se Chan, there was no good photo combination with the female guests. Likewise with Haha's photo where there are still mustaches in all the photo fusion of Haha and all female member including guest. 

Yoo Jae Suk took a photo of the red door, Haha and Kim Joong Kook took it from the blue door. Meanwhile Ji Suk Jin and Yang Se Chan take photos of the yellow door. Lee Kwang Soo chooses the green doors. Song Ji Hyo and Jeon So Min take fusion pictures of Yang Se Chan. Maybe both of them consider that no one will choose Yang Se Chan, because they feel sorry so they choosing a photo of him.

The first red door was opened, and what came out was Kang Han Na, a celebrity who was well known to the Running Man members. Here Yoo Jae Suk who chose Kang Han Na's photo to greet him. 

Kang Han Na, who usually always relaxed, felt stunned when guided by Yoo Jae Suk to see photos of his fusion with Yang Se Chan on the door. After that they turned to the blue door, who were the female guest stars on the blue door? He is Seol In Ah

Haha and Jong Kook who chose the blue door. But sorry for Jong Kook, Haha quickly led Seol In Ah from the door to the center leaving Kim Jong Kook alone. Kim Jong Kook just watched silently. Poor Jong Kook. They all laughed at Haha's actions

Lee Kwang Soo who saw the incident could not resist commenting. He said Jong Kook looked mad. 

The third Guest star coming from Yellow door is Irene Red Velvet.

She looked very shocked when Se Chan and Suk jin encountering her with the fusion picture of them. I hope that didnt left a traumatic memory for her.

The last person to appear was Joy from Red Velvet. Joy is Lee Kwang Soo's partner in the past episode. She looks really beautiful.

The guest stars present are complete now is the time to choose their partners. 

But before, Yoo Jae Suk as the MC Running Man introduce them first one by one. Starting from Kang Han Na where they once went abroad together with member running man. The members feel quite familiar with Han Na.

Next is Seol In Ah who has partnered with Haha on episodes on Jeju Island. Seol In Ah showed his skill freeze dance movement.

Then there are Irene and Joy who show their dance skills in their newest single Power Up. It's refreshing to see these idols dance.

Now it's time to make a couple group. Women will choose one male member as their partner.

It's really chaotic here. Kang Han Na who was chosen by Yoo Jae Suk rebelled and chose Kim Jong Kook as his partner.

But not only Kang Han Na, Seol In Ah decided to choose Jong Kook who caused haha to become speechless. This is because Haha is the first person who shouted asking if anyone objected to the pair Kim Jong Kook and Han Na, Seol In Ah quickly moved forward.

But not only In Ah, Jeon So Min and Song Ji Hyo also volunteered to become Kim Jong Kook's partner. So there are a total of 4 women who want to be Kim Jong Kook's partner. 

But Jong Kook refused Jeon So Min and Song Ji Hyo then decided to choose between Kang Han Na and Seol In Ah.

And finally Jong Kook chose Seol In Ah as his partner. Kang Han Na who feels abandoned walks to Song ji Hyo and Jeon So Min side.

Haha reflexively quickly went to the red door to take a photo of Han Na.

Then there was an interesting incident where Kwang Soo threw a photo of Joy because he felt betrayed by her. The situation is really messed up.

Then it was Irene's turn to vote, a total of 5 members of men who chose Irene. And they have to make poems from their names so they can be chosen. Yang Se Chan made a funny poem about the name of the heating device, as well as Kwang Soo who imitated Se Chan, then Haha made poems that were too old to be rejected by Jae Suk.

Furthermore, the poem from Ji Suk Jin made Irene laugh. He said that he was his father's friend. He was immediately eliminated by Jae Suk because his poetry was too realistic. Next Yoo Jae Suk makes a poem similar to Se Chan.

Irene chose Yang Se Chan as her partner. 

Battle of poem between Haha, Jae Suk, Suk Jin, and Kwang Soo. Kwang Soo became the victor of this battle. The truth is I think that Ji Suk Jin poem is funnier. But Joy choose Lee Kwang Soo as her partner.

The next three pair of couple in Haha With Kang Han Na, Yoo Jae Suk with Jeon So Min and the last are Song Ji Hyo and Ji Suk Jin. End of Episode, the race couple to be continued in the next episode.
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