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( Guest : Bae Joo Hyun / Irene Red Velvet, Park Soo Yeong / Joy Red Velvet, Kang Han Na, Seol In Ah)

This episode of Running Man are another part or the second part continuing from the last week episode familiar couple. Taken place somewhere in 'Ch' University  Football field in Paju, near Gyeonggi English Village (shooting place episode 65 Special SNSD)

This week the member had already been paired. There are six pair of couple. Lee Kwang Soo paired with Joy Red Velvet, Yang Se Chan with Irene Red Velvet, Kang Han Na with Haha, Kim Jong Kook with Seol In Ah, Ji Suk Jin Paired with Song Ji Hyo. And the last couple are Yoo Jae Seok and Jeon So Min.

I noticed that the subtitle in the picture is a little bit incorrect. Should be 도둑잡기 레이스 or theft caching race. But it does not matter people often make mistake, nobody is perfect including me. I often make mistake too.

There will be 3 stage in this Theft catching race. First stage are chance ticket stage  and barefoot tango, second stage is eating stage, final stage are pirate roulette quiz stage. Every time they cleared the stage, the winner of the stage can change her partner. And the couple with the lowest rank of the stage will be revealed their identity to all the member. 

Next the PD explain that in this couple race there are 4 thief that hidden among the ordinary people. Its meaning that from the 12 people there are 8 citizens ( 시민)and 4 thieves ( 도둑).

All of them were startled, and started to doubt the other member including their own partner. Such as Haha who suspect Kang Han Na strange behaviour. And Yang Se Chan who suspect Irene for choosing him. Well i amazed with Haha premonition did he really can see the future?.

The reason is, because at that time the PD in charge for the mission said that the thief had not been selected. Kang Han Na and Irene looked a little unhappy being suspected by Haha And Yang Se Chan.

Haha then made a smart move, he made a distraction by blaming Ji Suk Jin for being suspicious. Ji Suk Jin who is having a close up syndrome looks very happy and said that he loved when his being center of attention.

The Running man PD continue said that there will be 2 male and 2 female thieves,  to determine the thieves it will be done through drawing by taking an envelope on the table.

At the end of the race. The Couple who get a thief as his or her partner will be punished. As usual their face will be full of whipped cream. And there will be only 2 person that will get to taste those whipped creamed on their face.

First the male member get a chance to choose envelopes there are six blue envelopes lying on the table. Next are the ladies turn to pick, there are six pink color envelope waiting for the ladies to choose.

Lee Kwang Soo told the other member to keep an eye of their partner. And he did really keep an eye of Joy. Lee Kwang Soo likely taken a very serious attention at this race.

The members then regrouped. On this occasion Lee Kwang Soo gave an encouraging speech 'let's go citizens we can do it'. Maybe it also some kind of secret code that told the other that he is a citizen not a thief. 

Yoo Jae Seok take this opportunity to frame Lee Kwang Soo as a thief with a funny way. But at that time joy defended Lee Kwang Soo by saying that there are both citizen.

Lee Kwang Soo said to Joy if she is one of of the thief Kwang Soo will be really disappointed. But Joy Tell Kwang Soo not to worry. And the PD told to all the couple to change the clothes.

The first stage, Chance card mission begin. The member must complete three syllable word. This chance ticket can be use on the Barefoot Tango mission.

Lee Kwang Soo and Joy amazingly succeded the three question. Haha couple, Yoo Jae Seok couple and Ji suk Jin couple made a funny ending they all eliminated.

Kim Jong Kook also make a suspicious lose ending. Meanwhile Yang Se Chan and Irene manage to clear the question. The other member protested because the question for Yang Se Chan and Irene are too easy.

Here are the final clash between Lee Kwang Soo couple and Yang Se Chan couple. Both of them managed to reach this final stage. And get ready to start the quiz.

There s an amusing incident, when Haha told Lee Kwang Soo that there is an insect behind Joy. Joy heard it and get scared and she fell in a funny way. Lee Kwang Soo tried to catch the bug. But they didn't revealed the picture of the bug, maybe it just a small one.

Instead getting a praise Lee Kwang Soo get a scold from Haha and Yoo Jae Seok. And Haha kicked him, maybe in Lee Kwang Soo mind say ' if its not because of you Haha i would not do this '.

The first stage chance ticket mission ended with Lee Kwang Soo and Joy victorious. Yang Se Chan and Irene could not get all the answer right. So Lee Kwang Soo and Joy get the chance ticket. It is a powerful tickets that can save your day in the next mission.

The second mission is barefooted tango. Just like its name you have to dance with barefoot but only the female member that did not wearing shoes. Their partner wearing a pair of shoes.

That because the male member must bring the female member  to take the flower on the desk, and then put the flower into a vase on another desk. And the rule are the female member foot must not hit the ground, so they must step on their partner shoes to reach the desk.

The first couple to play the game are Yoo Jae Seok and Jeon So Min vs Lee Kwang Soo and Joy. Yes the have to dance first, the sound of 'havana' music resonates to the entire field. 

Yoo Jae Seok is known to love dancing, paired with Jeon So Min they try to compete with Lee Kwang Soo and Joy. Joy started the dance smoothly she try to seduce Lee Kwang Soo with alluring  move.

Seol In Ah looked at Lee Kwang Soo expression, and said 'That is unfair!!'. Lee Kwang Soo and Yoo Jae Seok disturbing each other. Their spirit to compete each other are really strong.

Then the bell rang a sign they had to move to the table to take the rose with his mouth. Joy was the first to succeed in taking the rose with her mouth and then the couple immediately moved to the next table.

But at that time the joy was considered cheated for inserting a rose into a vase using his hand. Because the rose should be inserted using the mouth. Joy, too, with a face that was covered in flour felt desperate and said that he did not know. That's really cute Joy.

Finally Yoo Jae Seok and Jeon So Min win the game they are look very happy, unfortunately for them because Lee Kwang Soo and Joy decided to use the Chance ticket and win the game by default. It is mean that the both couple win and manage to clear the game.

Next battle between Kim Jong Kook and Seol In Ah vs Ji Suk Jin and Song Ji Hyo.With "I'm so sexy" music from Yoo Jae Seok and JYP as background, the battle dance between the real dancer Seol In Ah vs Ji Suk Jin and Song Ji Hyo started.

The famous monotonous dance from Song Ji Hyo and Ji Suk Jin are already predicted by all the member.

They are no match for the youngster Seol In Ha. The game finally begin, the strong Commander easily defeated the weak Ji Suk Jin. He seem did not take any power to bring In Ha to the desk and became victorious.

There are scene that show Kim Jong Kook watch Seol In Ha face and found that her hat was fell somewhere. And he try to get her, her hat. Nice move  Kim Jong Kook.

Next Haha couple vs Yang Se Chan couple. Accompanied by "Red Flavor" music from Red Velvet. Irene quickly adjusted to the tune, While Yang Se Chan seem cannot read the situation nicely, he started to dance randomly toward Irene. Irene eventually of course play along with Yang Se Chan movement. Nice Irene.

Haha and Kan Han Na surprisingly can dance very good, and Kang Han Na make several funny move that entertain the spectator.

Unfortunately this is not dance competition, Yang Se Chan and Irene with some effort manage to defeat Haha and Kang Hana.

They will confront Lee Kwang Soo and Joy in semifinal who using their chance tickets.While Kim Jong Kook and Seol In Ah  will face Yoo Jae Seok and Jeon So Min. The winner couple will meet at the final game.

Lee Kwang Soo and Joy manage to defeat Yang Se Chan an Irene. What interesting is it seem that Joy did not want to take the flower with her mouth, so Lee Kwang Soo take the job and sacrifice himself, with flour covered all over his face Kwang Soo defeated Yang Se Chan and Irene. 

The other member help Kwang Soo cleaned his face with water gun. Next Kim Jong Kook and Seol In Ah also became the winner defeat Yoo Jae Seok and Jeon So Min. That also predictable.

The final clash between two couple finally begin .


The final game started with the energetic dance from both couple. Lee Kwang Soo and Joy are more spirited than Kim Jong Kook and Seol In Ah. Lee Kwang Soo dance like he is being trance. It really amusing

The bell finally rang, They both look like have the same strength and speed. But finally the cheater king Lee Kwang Soo made the final move, he mercilessly hit Seol In Ah forehead. Seol In Ah get distracted. Lee Kwang Soo take the chance to put the flower inside Vase.

Lee Kwang Soo and Joy became the winner, and have the right to change partner and they both choose to stick together. The winner will revealed their identity secretly by PD inside a room, but the loser or last at the bottom rank will be publicly revealed their identity to all the member. 

This time Ji Suk Jin and Song Ji Hyo are in the last rank, so the PD revealed that here are one or two thief among this couple. Ji Suk Jin has showing his card at the time of selection and he is a citizen, which mean Song Ji Hyo is one of the thief.   

The second stage begin. It is eating time. Located inside a large room. Running Man member started the game. But before that Jeon Seo Min spread the rumor about Lee Kwang Soo couple identity they both were thieves, she said that when there is no camera Joy asked Lee Kwang Soo "What will happen to us".

Lee Kwang Soo defended himself tell that rumor is not true, he is a a citizen. Yoo Jae Seok said to Kwang Soo "amazing..". Lee Kwang Soo feel disturbed with Yoo Jae Seok comment, then replied " amazing what?".

The PD announced that The second stage will be started soon. In this stage the male member will eat Jjajangmyeon while the ladies will eat Tangsuyuk dish. 

It is time based race the male member will eat first assisted by their blindfolded couple from behind. Their female couple must feed them from behind with both of their eyes closed. The time from they started until they finished eating will be counted. Because of the limited space, they cannot eat together all at once, so they divide into 2. The three male member who were lucky to eat Jjajangmyeon first is Yang Se Chan, Yoo Jae eok and Ji Suk Jin.
Yoo Jae Suk looks very hungry, i bet he can wait to eat that Jjajangmyeon. The game started, Jeon So Min and Irene feed very well their partner. Ji Suk Jin meanwhile his not very lucky, Song Ji Hyo fericiously feed him. Yoo Jae Seok finished first followed by Ji Suk Jin. Yang Se Chan finished the meal last.

Next eating battle between Haha, Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Jong Kook. Kang Han Na feed Haha nicely, and Haha effectively eat the Jjajangmyeon he finished first. Kim Jong Kook finished second assisted by Seol In Ah. Lee Kwang Soo finished third, his cheating method did not work against eating specialist like Haha.

Next it is time for the ladies to eat. First three ladies who will eat Tangsuyuk are Irene, Jeon So Min and Joy. The rule is the ladies must destroy framed plastic wrap with their face before they can eat. There are five framed plastic wrap that need to be destroyed, plus they need to whistle when they finished eat the last Tangsuyuk. The male member will helping feed the ladies.

There is a funny moment seen by Haha,when Yang Se Chan energetically yelled very loud shout at Irene "Fighting!". Irene jumped a little in surprise. Actually Yang Se Chan had a good intention to encourage Irene, but his said it too loudly which made Irene startled.

The game started, the thee ladies working very hard to break the plastic wrap. Irene with the help of fighting spirit from Yang Se Chan finished first, followed by Joy. And the So Min finished third.

The next three ladies Kang Han Na, Song Ji Hyo and Seol In Ah. Kang Han Na and Seol In Ah fight almost evenly, but Kang Han Na eat faster than Seol In Ah resulting Han Na finished first and In Ah second.

Meanwhile Ji Suk Jin who fell dissapointed with the result Song Ji Hyo finished last, he is nagging "this is not what an ace look like". Maybe he is felling desperate to win the game and wanted to switching the partner.

Bad news for Ji Suk Jin, he and Song Ji Hyo consecutively being a the bottom rank. And the winner for this eating stage are Haha and Kang Han Na. The PD calls them into a room to revealed their both identity secretly. After a while they Haha couple come out, with the disappointed expression they walk toward the other member. 

The PD then announced that Haha couple decided to switch partner. This make other couple guessed that there are thief among Haha couple. They switched with Lee Kwang Soo couple. And they move on to the final stage.

On this final stage the mission more like a fusion from a quiz and lucky pirate pop up stabbing game, they must answer a question from PD to get the blade to stab the barrel . But first they must choose six box behind them. Inside each box there are 2 small barrel, 2 medium, and 2 big barrel lucky pirate game.

Yoo Jae Seok as always suggest race of wits to decide who will choose the box behind them. Haha became the winner and can choose whichever box he prefer.

Here are the possition from left to right and the lucky barrel they have on the box. From left  Kim Jong Kook and Seol In Ah got the medium size barrel, beside him Lee Kwang Soo and Kang Han Na Got the big size barrel, next Ji Suk SIn and Song Ji Hyo gat little size barrel, Haha and Joy got little barrel too, Yang Se Chan and Irene got themselves medium size barrel, the last couple on the right Yoo Jae Seok and Jeon Soo Min got a big size barrel.

The quiz rule are easy, The PD will give an optional question. The member must answer it right, whoever give the wrong answer will get their head a hit by a toy hammer from the couple beside them as the hitter.

 And a couple that answering right will get blade to stab the barrel and opportunity to switch partner, also they can secretly ask the PD about identity of other couple before they can start stab the sword to the barrel.

First Question, the answer hair of dog. Yoo Jae Seok Couple manage to guess the answer right. They asking about Haha and Joy identity , the PD say that Haha couple safe. Yoo Jae Sook then pick Haha and Joy couple small barrel and start stabbing the sword but unfortunately he failed to pop up the lucky pirate barrel. It is mean that they have failed to switch the partner.

Question two answer Caldera, Haha and Joy win. They asking about the identity of Kim Jong Kook Couple. The PD answer that there are one or two thieves among them. Haha choose stabbing pirate game in Lee Kwang Soo but it ended fail.

Question three, which is not pure korean word. The answer tangsin Ji Suk Jin couple win, he asking PD about haha and joy identity. PD answer that they are safe, Ji Suk Jin and Song Ji Hyo choose stabbing small pirate barrel belong to Haha, they succeed the couple switched Haha with Ji Hyo and Ji Suk Jin with Joy. 

Question four the answer is false rib Lee Kwang Soo win the answer. He asking about Kim Jong Kook and Seol In Ah identity, the PD said that there are thief among them. Lee Kwang Soo and Kang Han Na startled the choose to stab lucky pirate belong to ji suk jin and joy, but end with failure.

Question five about the meaning of new word jamanchu. Kim Jong Kook failed to answer correct he being punish by Yoo Jae Seok. But Kim Jong Kook did not want to sit down so Suk Jin assist Jae Suk by giving him his stool. Yoo Jae Seok stand up on the stool then hit Kim Jong Kook twice. 

Kim Jong Kook mad because the punishment supposed to be only one hit. This event turn bad for Yoo Jae Seok. Now the position has change Kim Jong Kook stand up on the stool while Ji Suk Jin the traitor assisted Kim Jong Kook holding Yoo Jae Suk. Kim Jong Kook get his revenge.

The answer for this question is casual relationship preferred, Kim Jong Kook won the answer. He asking about Yoo jae seok- Jeon So Min status, the PD say that there are thief among them. Kim Jong Kook surprised about the new situation. And then choose to stabbing on lucky pirate belong to Ji Suk Jin- Joy, it was successfull. The couple change, Kim Jong Kook now with Joy, Ji Suk Jin with Seol In ah.

Next question Yoo Jae Seok won, he asking the PD about Kim Jong Kook and Joy. PD inform them that there are thief among Kim Jong Kook and Joy. Yoo Jae Seok and Jeon Soo Min did not believe the current situation. They choose the safest couple Yang Se Chan and Irene to play the pop up pirate game and manage to win the game. The couple switched, Yoo Jae Seok with Irene, Yang Se Chan paired with Jeon Seo Min. 

Last question answer apple, Lee Kwang Soo manage to answer correctly after two try, first try he answered wrong and got hit by Kim Jong Kook. He made a deal with Kang Han Na that He will asked about the satus of other couple while Kang Han Na can choose whichever barrel she like.

Lee Kwang Soo and Kang Han Na asked about Yang Se Chan couple status. Kang Han Na surprise the people by choose to play pirate game in Haha desk. It worked!! the pirate jump over the barrel. Kang Ha Na celebrate the new couple position with Haha. What happened? 

So actually during the second stage eating game, when Haha an Kang Han Na became the winner. Inside the PD room the genius Haha propose an idea to Kang Han Na to make a scene by pretending that there are thief among them. And decide to switch team with Lee Kwang Soo and Joy to avoid suspicion from other thief.

And the plan miraculously worked, they finally reunite at the end of the race. What a perfect scheme from Haha. 

Lee Kwang Soo meanwhile starred blankly to Kang Han Na, he did not believe what happen. 

The race ended, the PD revealed the thief. The two male thieves they are Kim Jong Kook and Yoo Jae Seok. Song Ji Hyo and Seol In Ah are the two female thieves.

Lee Kwang Soo suffering after being deceived by Kang Han Na, didn't just ended there. Joy choose Lee Kwang Soo as her partner to received punishment. 

At least Lee Kwang Soo finally able to reunite with joy again. I hope they became real couple. End of episode.
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