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( Guest : Twice (트와이스) members : Na Yeon (나연), Jeong Yeon (정연), Sa Na (사나), Ji Hyo (지효), Mi Na (미나), Da Hyeon (다현), Chae Young (채영), Momo (모모), Chou Tzu-yu / Tzu  Yu (쯔위) )

It's still morning in Gyeonggi province, the sun shone brightly and the morning air is a bit cold. But all Running Man members seems to have gather at a soccer field (at SBS Tanhyeon-dong Production Center, Ilsanseo Gu, Goyang city). They are wearing warm clothes and sweaters. Yes they were all here for the opening of the Running Man show.

Yoo Jae Seok is seen to be wearing an additional black gloves. Ji Suk Jin approached then asked about this. He is curious why Yoo Jae Seok is wearing gloves when the weather at that time wasn't so cold. Yoo Jae Suk casually said that the reason he wearing gloves is just for fashion. Yes that is Yoo Jae Seok he could easily answer Ji Suk Jin question.

Kim Jong Kook also mentioned something related to fashion, he spotted Haha and throw an opinion about Haha fashion's which at the time was a bit unique. Yoo Jae Seok notice this and he seems to remember some old fashion report about Haha and G-Dragon. Haha was quite famous at that time in the fashion world's.

The conversation shifted to Ji Suk Jinthey are talking about a picture of him in his media socialJi Suk Jin seem like trying some kind of DJ Console while wearing a headphone on his ears. Lee Kwang Soo say he thought that Ji Suk Jin bought an hearing aid.

The PD interrupt their conversation, and explain to them that this is a Kimchi special episode. The main reason is because this month is Kimjang (김장) season. Kimjang is traditional process of preparation for making kimchi. Kimchi as we all know have a lot of variant , but most commonly made from napa cabbage. That is why the special punishment for this episode is must perform Kimjang to 100 head napa cabbage.

The staff carry 4 tables with one type of food on each table. The member have to choose the food that best paired with kimchi or kimchi mate. The first table are ramyeon (noodles), second table sweet potatoes, third table with Suyuk (traditional korean dish made from boiled pork slices), the last table are rice (쌀밥).

Everybody have their own choice and they have to choose what they believe as the best paired food for kimchi. Each table only consist two chair so the Running man member will be divided into 4 team based on the food they are chosen. They are Ramyeon Team, Sweet Potato Team, Suyuk Team and Rice Team

Yoo Jae Seok and Yang Se Chan choose Ramyeon, so they both now in Ramyeon Team, Ji Suk Jin and Lee Kwang Soo are in Sweet Potatoes Team. Team Suyuk member are Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo, while Haha and Jeon So Min are in Rice Team.

To pass all the mission in this episode, they will be need a helper. For this special occasion of course the PD has  prepared the assistant or partner for them. They are Twice.

The alluring opening lyrics of 'Yes or Yes' song (one of their best single hit in 2018) signalling the arrival of nine cute member of twice. Groove music filling the air with excitement, the Running Man member especially the male member looked like they didn't believe this situation.

One by one the Twice member started to dance, This nine flower Na Yeon, Jeong Yeon, Sa Na, Ji Hyo, Mi Na, Da Hyeon, Chae Young, Momo and Tzu Yu heated the cold atmosphere with showing their cute dance that will make almost every male heart fluttering with joy.

The dance ended, after the energetic dance over, the after effect of the dance can be spotted on Yoo Jae Seok and Yang Se Chan. They are still making a loud noise screaming 'Yes Or Yes' like a real fan. 

After the girl's greeting the viewer's, Yoo Jae Seok, who was acting as mc ask a question about the weather which was rather cold at the time. Jeong Yeon who at the time wearing long jeans said it's true and she was feeling a bit cold.

Suddenly, like a Ninja's Ji Suk Jin move stealthy behind Yoo Jae Seok and managed to landed his jacket successfully to Jeong Yeon. His close up syndrome are really getting into him. But Yoo Jae Seok didn't let Ji Suk Jin off. He didn't let Ji Suk Jin clothes stained the girls, Yoo Jae Seok throw Ji Suk Jin jacket far behind him. I think that Ji Suk Jin jacket really bring bad luck to Jeong Yeon (Oops is that a spoiler!).

Ji Suk Jin didn't give up after taking his jacket now he switch the target to Na Yeon, but too bad Yoo Jae Seok succeed to guard the girl's this time. Yoo Jae Seok throw again the jacket, Ji Suk Jin finally give up and return to his post. He should have more worry about his health

After Yoo Jae Suk scold Ji Suk Jin for his behavior. Its time to switch the topic, Yoo Jae Seok then speak about Twice brief appearance on Running Man (episode 398). In this episode Na Yeon made a modified acrostic poem or mixed with aegyo (flirtatious move more like a fan service for entertaining the fan) inside. He made a modified acrostic poem about Kim Jong Kook name, the result is amazing many viewer like it.

And the surprise is Na Yeon and Momo have prepared two acrostic poem for Running Man member.  

Momo choose Ji Suk Jin name for his acrostic poem. Ji Suk Jin hit the jackpot this time. Without even make a move, he is now being the center of attention. Ji Suk Jin really lucky , i'm jealous. Its time for Momo to show the acrostic poem she especially made for Ji Suk Jin 

Here are the acrostic poem look like in order. 
JI     -suk jin oppa
SUK -jin oppa ko (nose) neun  
JIN   -jja(really) wang ko wang(king) ko(nose) nee, plus special aegyo from momo.

In short its mean Ji Suk Jin nose is the king of nose!!

Next is Na Yeon turn she wanted to make an acrostic poem from Song Ji Hyo name. There are three part of poem, first she said that her finger hurt because of cold air plus an aegyo. Yes she use the aegyo immediately on the first part.

That really surprise everyone directly making the cute move or aegyo on the first part. The second part Na Yeon summon Lee Kwang Soo to came in front of her.

The last part Na Yeon asking politely Lee Kwang Soo to blow her finger. Lee kwang Soo are savage, without even have to think he do what Na Yeon tell him too. That causing Yoo Jae Seok the guardian of the girl's furious. He and the other male member separate and drag Lee Kwang Soo from Na Yeon. 

But Lee Kwang Soo the player doesn't give up, even after he's being punished because of his action, he try try to blow Na Yeon finger from afar.

Next after the modified acrostic poem, there are special performance from Da Hyun, with her new nickname Mr.Tofu, Da Hyun really make the crowd laugh. With her eccentric swag like dance move, she really lighten the crowd with her performance.

After Da Hyun, Momo show up for the next dance performance. A sexy music vibrating through the air. Momo adjusted nicely to the tone, she really now how to burn the atmosphere with her fresh and sexy move.

Even Yang Se Chan, Haha, Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Jong Kook are speechless after watching Momo ability to dance. The aftermath for the male member are too great.

The PD smoothly cut their discussion, and asking the Twice member to form a team with the Running Man member which of course already in the team. The girls are seen making some small discussion among them before they finally decide to choose.

While walking together four Twice member choose rice Team, they are Jeong Yeon, Tzu Yu, Mina and Chae Young. Ji Hyo, Sana and Dae Hyun pick Suyuk Team. And the last two Na Yeon and Momo decide to select Ramyeon Team. Yes there are nobody pick Sweet Potato team. Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin they just stared blankly while  the girl's just passing by at them like a perfect chain reaction.

If it's wasn't because the PD politely force the the Rice Team to divide their team, the Sweet Potato team member would not increase in number.

That because now the Sweet Potato team had 5 member, Chae Young and Mina move to Sweet Potato team after they lose on rock paper scissor hand game. And one extra member is  Da Hyun he choose to switch team from the Suyuk team.

The team selection ended, the outcome is the Ramyeon team hafour member Yoo jae Seok, Yang Se Chan, Na Yeon and Momo. The Sweet Potato team are the largest team with five member. Tang Suyuk team with four member Kim Jong Kook, Song Ji Hyo,Ji Hyo and Sana. The Rice team consist Haha, Jeon So Min, Jeong Yeon and Tzuyu.

The Running Man staff has made a polling research about the most favorite food to combine with kimchi. They are 500 people participate in the survey with variated age from 10 to 50 up. The outcome of the research are attached to the board.

The polling result divided five section they are 10 year section, 20 year section, 30 year section, 40 year section and the last 50 year and up section. The highest polling result can be bought by 50 coin, second highest worth 30 coin, 20 coin for the third and the lowest polling result worth 10 coin.

Each team can buy the polling result using coin, they will be given 50 cabbage coin for each team as their first asset. To get more coin they can double their asset by betting in next three games. There are four games actually but the last one is not a betting game.

There is a funny moment when Ji Suk JIn trying to look like a good person, by giving Da Hyun a tissue to clean her hand. Da Hyun at that time accidentally damage her hand warmer, so the water leak out to her hand.

Ji Suk Jin notice that and use this opportunity to ask staff member a tissue and give it to her. And asking that moment to be filmed. Well, Da Hyun is part of his team afterall even he has another motive but we have to appreciate his effort. Well done Ji Suk Jin.     

The first game begin they have to rolled over the bar that has been prepared. Each time they succeed the bar will be getting one level lower than before. Its time for the team to classify and adjust  their member position according to bar difficulty The most weak member will be put on the front.

But first they have to make a bet, the Rice team only bet one coin they seem like not confidence with this game. The Suyuk team bet 15 coin, Ramyeon team with 13 coin and last the Sweet Potato team with 15 coin same as Suyuk team.

On the first and second level of difficulty every team manage to pass the level, until the third level of difficulty Jeong Yeon from Rice team, and Lee Kwang Soo from Sweet Potato team failed. The final between Ramyeon team and Suyuk team, Yang Se Chan from Ramyeon team failed, his face landed first on the mattress, Kim Jong Kook meanwhile perfectly clear the most difficult level with a backward spin.

The Suyuk team win and get 30 coin, the other team lose theirs. The second game are putting the food on your mouth game. There are 4 level of difficulty here.

The girls are busy prepared themselves for the games. Tzu Yu, Na Yeon and Ji Hyo are displaying their big mouth skill. The first level are started they must wrap all the food with the green leaves (that is why the game called wrap yes or yes).

The first level are the easy one, Jeon So Min, Sa Na, Momo and Mi Na  wrap all the food and eat it easily. Second level they double the serving but Jeong Yeon, Song Ji Hyo, Na Yeon and Chae Young easily clear the level

In the third level Haha from the Rice team and Yoo Jae Seok frm Ramyeon team failed they both failed because the garlic jump over from their mouth. Meanwhile Ji Hyo from Suyuk team and Da Hyun from Sweet Potatoes team have finish their job without failure.

Suyuk team once again reach the final level but unfortunately Kim Jong Kook failed to put the food inside his mouth. Lee Kwang Soo with some effort conquer the final level and become the winner. The Sweet Potatoes win 20 extra cabbage coin.

The third game are called pig wrestling. The rule are they must sit down on the floor while hugging their thighs with both hand locked their thighs. They can use their foot to attack other player.

The game started Yoo Jae Seok, Jeon So Min, Sa Na and Mi na are on the floor get ready for wrestling. Jeong Yeon from the Rice team use that moment to steal coin from the Sweet Potatoes team. She successfully snatch 7 coin from the Sweet Potatoes team. 

The mvp from this game is Sa Na, she contributed the most for the Suyuk team by remove a lot of player from other team, even though she eventually lose to Chae Young but Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo got her covered by defeating the rest player. Here on the picture are her action defeating Mina.

Lee Kwang Soo the cheater once again made his move, feel like his being cornered by Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo he made a head lock move with his foot to Song Ji Hyo. Song Ji Hyo other side personality awaken she mercilessly attack Kwang Soo in his errr it's got censored, because its too savage the scene is censored.

Song Ji Hyo bring victory to the Suyuk team. It is time to buy the hint, only two team at the time who manage to buy the hint. They are the Rice team and Suyuk team.

The fourth game are Flying Wig, in this game they have to wear a wig and then throw the wig using their head towards the target they want. There are various points in the target area that have been provided and there are even minus points.

The highest target is 100 point and the lowest is -100. Points earned by each person will be added up, and their team will get coins according to the points added.

They play the game of wits to determine which team has the right to choose the wig first. This is very important because the type of wig and the weight of the wig will be very influential in this game.

Sweet Potatoes team won the game of wits, and they chose the toughest wig. The result was that the Sweet Potatoes team won the flying wig game and were gather 65 coins. They also used their last chance to buy a hint. And based on the hints purchased, the biggest possibility the ranked first in the poll was Ramyeon.

The last mission began, on this hide and seek mission, there were special rules. Each team can hide 2 small size special tags inside their name tags, these secret tags are food names of their team and a small tag with a bomb picture.

If someone from another team rips the name tag in which there are secret tags inside it. Then two rules apply.

The first rule is that if someone rips a name tag that has the name of the initial food from the team, then they will automatically exchange teams. But if they tear the bomb tag then the team that rips it will be eliminated and the opposing team automatically gets their team  badge.

Moments after the game started Jeon So Min made a mistake by tearing Lee Kwang Soo's name tag. Lee Kwang Soo has a secret bomb tag in his name. Automatically the rice team is eliminated and their food badge is obtained by the Sweet Potatoes team.

Kim Jong Kook after getting a hint hidden in the building chasing the Sweet Potatoes team. He targets Da Hyun and gets the secret food tag. Team Suyuk chose to change food become the Rice Team.

Meanwhile the team of Ramyeon managed to get an important hint and was sure that Ramyeon was ranked first in the Poll. They make a move and started to search the hidden platform. After the unpredictable ambush and attack from Ji Suk Jin and from the new Rice team.

Na Yeon stood on the platform and chose Ramyeon as the answer. Apparently the answer is correct Yoo Jae Seok, Yang Se Chan, Momo and Na Yeon managed to avoid the final punishment of doing Kimjang 100 napa cabbage.

The remaining teams have to make draw by doing the lucky pirate game. Jeong Yeon makes the pirate jump from the barrel. She is having a bad luck.

Sadly Haha, Jeon So Min, Tzuyu and Jeong Yeon have to undergo punishment to perform Kimjang. End of episode.
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