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( Guest : Lee Si Young, Byul / Kim Go Eun (Ha Ha Wife) )

In this part one episode the Running Man member will try to challenge unfinished mission from the past episode that has the hardest difficulty level that all the member failed to clear it. All of this mission are chosen from the episode when they go abroad the country to do global mission.

And the female member Jeon So Min and Song Ji Hyo will become the leader for this mission. Each of them have to drive a car and picked up the other male member. These ladies can choose whoever member they like. 

The interesting fact is these two ladies both of them choose to pick Yoo Jae Seok first, is he that charming in the eye of the ladies. Well i am not so sure, but Jeon So Min choose Yoo Jae Seok because he has a good driving skill, plus he has well rounded skill in every game. Meanwhile Song Ji Hyo choose Yoo Jae Seok because he is honest and trustworthy. So maybe, just maybe Yoo Jae Suk really has some skill in front of the ladies.

Song Ji Hyo called Yoo Jae Seok, she is trying to recruit him to her team. Unfortunately, Yoo Jae Seok politely refused. Its not very common to see Yoo Jae Seok refuse invitation from someone, i have a hunch maybe because some particular reason, especially related for today episode. 

Lee Kwang Soo a little bit jealous when knew Jeon So Min became team leader , the reason why is because he told to PD that he never became a team leader lately, plus he think its too early for her to became team leader. Lee Kwang Soo afraid that he will became big headed. What a jealous man he is.

Meanwhile Jeon So Min really need a driver for her car, she seem to have a little trouble for driving the car.  Finally she reached Yoo Jae Seok location, he is waiting outside near his house. Jeon So Min switch the driver position with Yoo Jae Seok, she finally relaxed at last. 

Jeon So Min as a junior asked a recommendation from Yoo Jae Suk about the two other member she has to choose. Yoo Jae Seok suggest Ji Suk Jin because his location near around the area. Ji Suk Jin has a lot of weakness, therefor Yoo Jae Seok a little hesitate but after tricked Ji Suk Jin to make acrostic poem on the phone, they choose to pick him up.

Song Ji Hyo at the time already picked Kim Jong Kook and Yang Se Chan. She picked Kim Jong Kook as her first choice, i got to say Song Ji Hyo really use his brain Kim Jong Kook and Yang Se Chan are the strongest among the Running Man member. She picked Yang Se Chan at the nearest park after Kim Jong Kook lobbying him on the phone.

The last member of Song Ji Hyo team are Ha Ha, with his strange uncommon outfit Ha Ha join as the last member of Song Ji Hyo Team. Lee Kwang  Soo also joined Jeon So Min as the last member. Before they pick him up Lee Kwang Soo seem to be toyed by his team.

After both of the team completed their member, all of the them suddenly receive a text message. The team leader receive a text contain about destination address that they have reach plus a mission to fine the hidden card that contain clue about the opening location. While the male member receive a different text, all of them receive a text message about a secret team leader that already knew about the second or opening location, and she just need two member to hop in the vehicle.

Lee Kwang Soo slip a first sentence of his text message and he read it loud until suddenly he stopped saying anything, realize the secret behind his text message. Jeon So Min heard what Lee Kwang Soo said and counter him with question. Lee Kwang Soo meanwhile only silent and he made an eye contact with Ji Suk Jin. The both could not restrain and laughing at the situation that suddenly occurred.

Both of the team finally arrive at Banpo Hangang park where they must find a clue about the opening location. While the team leader busy trying to find the opening address, the three well known traitor Lee Kwang Soo, Ji Suk Jin and Ha Ha are looking for the new hidden team leader. Ha Ha find a suspicious car, however he didn't approach immediately to it. He is looking for Lee Kwang Soo, maybe he is trying to share the information about the suspicious car. Ji Suk Jin who saw this strange behavior, following Lee Kwang Soo and Ha Ha from behind.

Lee Kwang Soo the sly fox immediately rush to the car taking advantage of his two slow brother Ha Ha and Ji Suk Jin. Ha Ha became the second person who rushed over the car. They both meet the secret team leader Lee Si Young.

The other member saw the commotion and they approached the scene. While the other member greeted the guest, Song Ji Hyo who known for her temper scolded Ha Ha for not being loyal to her team.

The inexperienced team leader Jeon So Min, and the hot tempered leader Song Ji Hyo hasten their speed to find the hidden address card to reach opening ceremony location and to get the flag. I was wondering instead of searching the card why they did not just followed  Lee Si Young car to get to the opening location.

Lee Si Young who had the advantage knowing the opening location did not wasting any time, soon after they change clothes she hit the gas and leave the park.

Yoo Jae Seok from Jeon So Min team find the address card, Jeon So Min command her team to hurriedly get into the car. They are heading into the opening location. The Song Ji Hyo team tailed them from behind.

Time is really the essence, for the Lee Si Young team who get a head start, well they had all the benefit. Lee Si Young also said that he get the member she really wanted. The other team could not catch up with her. She and her team reach the opening location first and get the flag.

While the other two team finally show up after a moment. The person had all arrive and the opening begin, the PD first introduce Lee Si Young as the guest also as the third team leader. Yoo Jae Seok mentioned about the movie she was playing, Yoo Jae Seok saw the movie advertisement on the way here.

Lee Si Young told that it was an action movie and in that movie she done all the scene by herself without using a double. Ji Suk Ji then randomly asked her if she can teach them one or two move from the movie.

Lee Si Young gladly perform the martial art he learned, he asked Lee Kwang Soo to be the villain who trying to grab her collar from in front of her. Lee Si Young easily knocked down Lee Kwang Soo using the gravity and her body weight, I think Kwang Soo will hold a grudge on her.

Yoo Jae Seok then ask Jeon So Min to practice the move. But the crazy team leader Jeon So Min slapped Yoo Jae Seok face when he trying to grab her collar.

Yoo Jae Suk switch with Ji Suk Jin, the old man cold heartedly grab Jeon So Min Collar with the strong grip and when Jeon So Min try to bring him down by using the technique from Lee Si Young. Ji Suk Jin did not affected by it. Maybe because she is too weak. Ji Suk Jin became arrogant he asked Lee Si Young herself to teach him.

Ji Suk who acted strong, was humiliated by Lee Si Young. With just two movements Ji Suk Jin defeated and made a growl sound when he knocked down on the ground. The other members helped him to stand up. Lee Kwang Soo even make a joke that Ji Suk Jin had the number two thing when hes falling down.

Lee Si Young teaches other movements, Lee Kwang Soo tries to hold her from behind. Again with only three or four movement, Lee Kwang Soo whose posture is high was taken down easily. Even Kim Jong Kook the strongest member were knocked down easily by Lee Si Young technique.

After the action from Lee Si Young, PD asked the members if they were carrying a passport. Because on this End of the year mission, among the three teams there will be one team who goes abroad. PD then provides a table of missions or 'Loser Bracket mission" that failed to be completed on the global mission. The table shows the name of the mission and the name of the country or the location where the mission was held.

Each team must choose one mission in the table, While to determine where the mission will take place. The members must choose one of the three vans that will deliver them to the location where the mission is held. And only one of the vans will go to Incheon Airport to escort the member straight to Hong Kong to carry out the mission they choose. While the two other vans will head to Gangwon province.

Jeon So Min's team chose the mission in Osaka, which is a mission to eat food chosen by local residents. Lee Si Young chose a mission in the Mongols where they had to milk 4 liters of sheep, to sheep farm who has a relationship with Genghis Khan. While Song Ji Hyo's team chose a mission in Hong Kong, the mission required them to queue up at the store and be in the order of 100th in the line.

They were also given a ballot to vote. Voting is done if there is a team that fails to carry out the mission and chooses one member to accept the penalty. Each team gets ten ballots, the Lee Si Young Team gets an extra 3 ballots because it successfully becomes the first to get to the opening location, and gets the flag.

Jeon So Min's team chose the left van, Song Ji Hyo chose the one in the middle and Lee Si Young got the right one. The vans in the middle and the right go towards Gangwon Province, while the ones left are chosen by Jeon So Min, Yoo Jae Seok and Ji Suk Jin head to the airport. They will be taking the flight to Hong Kong in the afternoon.

For the global mission to be held in Gangwon Province, changes will be made according to conditions in Korea. The mission that underwent this change was the team mission of Lee Si Young and Song Ji Hyo.

Lee Si Young, Ha Ha and Lee Kwang Soo have to find a goat farm that has a relationship with the word king (왕 / wang) and milking 4 liters of goat's milk on the farm. While Kim Jong Kook, Song Ji Hyo and Yang Se Chan, their mission changed to having to feed a hundred citizens. On this mission they will be assisted by one of the famous celebrities, byul (Ha Ha wife).

Lee Kwang Soo on his team eighth trial successfully called a sheep farm, that can be milked. Lee Kwang Soo introduces himself as a member of Running Man, but farm owners don't seem to know him. Lee Kwang Soo then gave his phone to Ha Ha. He explained about the mission of milking sheep. The owner of the farm immediately recognized Ha Ha from his voice. Ha Ha mentioned about Han Gi Beom, Lee Kwang So doppelganger (episode 401). The owner of the farm recognizes Han Gi Beom, they are from the same school. Ha Ha says Lee Kwang Soo might look like Han Gi Beom. Lee Kwang Soo did not believe himself that he turned out to be less popular than Han Gi Beom.

The PD accept the ranch that located in wangsan that has relationship with word king (wang). They went to the farm location. But before Ha Ha made Lee Kwang Soo make a bet, Ha Ha and Lee Si Young bet that the owner of the farm cannot recognize him. 

Lee Kwang Soo agreed to the betting rules, that if the rancher did not recognize him, Lee Kwang Soo would lose all of his ballot papers. But instead if he wins then Lee Kwang Soo will get all the ballots. Maybe this was in his mind when he took all the ballots while they were at a resting area. 

But it wasn't as easy win as that for him, Ha Ha blackmailed Lee Kwang Soo by saying that he would spread his personal video and also the name of his ex-girlfriend. Ha Ha was savage Lee Kwang Soo gave up and gave him several ballots. I dont know hom many ballot received by Lee Si Young.

They arrived at the farm location, Lee Kwang Soo made the bet. He exchanged clothes with PD Lee Joo Young. PD determines the time limit, if Lee Kwang Soo is not recognized by the farm owner in 10 minutes he loses the bet.

After a moment finally they met with Mr. Kang the farm owner and talked with him. PD Lee Joo Young disguised as Kwang Soo. Mr. Kang recognize Ha Ha and Li Si Young immediately after they met. But somehow he has a doubt about Lee Kwang Soo but PD Young could cover his disguised perfectly. Poor Lee Kwang Soo even after he act as staff and make a close contact with Mr. Kang, The ranch owner failed to recognize him untill the end. Ha Ha and Lee Si Young won the bet, Lee Kwang Soo lose all his ballot.

After Lee Kwang Soo's brief introduction, Ha Ha and Lee Si Young left and were escorted by Mr. Kang. They reach the sheep farm that located inside the wood's. It's almost dark when the team try to milk the sheep, the herd seems like they afraid to the people that gathering at the ranch.Mr. Kang rang the bell from the sheepfold, the sheep came down from the hill. But the members and staff failed to herd them back into the cage. The flock returned to the hill, how did their mission will continue?

Meanwhile Song Ji Hyo's team was picking up Byull, Ha Ha's wife. Ha Ha didn't know about his wife's appearance in this episode. Once gathered they immediately talk about the heavy mission. Byull used to cook for 2-3 servings of dishes, he felt it would be different if he had to cook for 100 people. 

After a while the team arrive at mission location at Gangwon Province. The amount of food prepared is quite large, there are four tents prepared as the place for the food to be displayed. 

Song Ji Hyo and Byull were given the task of preparing food, while Yang Se Chan and Kim Jong Kook were given the task of notifying and inviting local residents to eat at night at the cooking location. I think it would be hard for the ladies to finish the mission, Kim Jong Kook, Yang Se Chan and Song Ji Hyo doesn't have a good cooking skill. I hope they could clear the mission in time.

Kim Jong Kook and Yang Se Chan worked hard to invite residents to come tonight to the Running Man's cooking location.When they are in the house of a local resident Yang Se Chan was even considered as a cameraman by several senior residents. Some even don't recognize Kim Jong Kook too. But there are some who know him, even giving Kim Jong Kook some persimmon fruit.

Jeon So Min team finally arrive in Hong Kong. Their mission is the same when they are in Osaka, which is asking for instructions from local residents to eat Steak. They protested a little because Hong Kong was famous for its dimsum. They feel it is a little difficult to be able to eat steak in Hong Kong.

They play roulette to determine who they are looking for to ask for their food recommendations. Taxi drivers are the first person they should look for to ask for food recommendations. They departed by a minibus from the airport straight to the food district in Hong Kong. They playing folding finger games to determine the acquisition of ballots. Ji Suk Jin is made fun of by Yoo Jae Suk and Jeon So Min. Yoo Jae Suk is the one who won the mini games.

At 6:30 pm local time, they arrived at the location. Jeon So Min immediately finds an empty taxi car while they crossing the road. They went straight into the taxi and asked for advice from the taxi driver. The taxi driver gave his recommendation food to Yoo Jae Suk and the others. He recommend Wantanmian or  Wonton Noodles its a popular dish in Hong Kong.

The taxi driver drove them to the restaurant he recommended. They enter the restaurant and order 3 servings of food. This is their first meal in Hong Kong how does it taste.

They feel satisfied with the food. After they finish eating they come out and turn the roulette back. This time they have to look for Hong Kong Granny over 70 years old. This is a difficult mission, they are trying hard to find a Granny in the area.

Finally they found the grandmother. Surprisingly the recommended food was the same as the first person or the taxi driver. Its Wantanmian!!. They found a restaurant that was almost closed. But when they were relieved that they did not have to eat more noodles, one of the restaurant employees said they could still serve a few more wantanmian or Wonton Noodles.

With a heavy heart they were forced to enter the restaurant to carry out the mission. Yo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin and Jeon Seo Min don't seem to believe in the events they experienced. Jeon So Min says why Dimsum is less popular here.

After finished eating their second wantanmian, Jeon So Min rolled the roulette. They get taxi drivers as the third person they will ask for food recommendations. Outside the restaurant they found an empty taxi, then they all entered the taxi. After entering they asked the taxi driver to step on the gas, they wanted to leave the neighborhood. After feeling away far enough they asked the taxi driver for food recommendations. The incident in Okinawa repeated again they were directed to the same restaurant where they ate their second wantamian. Did they manage to repell the noodle curse?? To be continue...End of episode.
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