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( Guest : Lee Si Young, Byul )

This episode is the next part of the previous episode. Lee Si Young, Lee Kwang Soo and Ha Ha chose the mission to milk four liters of sheep's milk.

In the middle of the wood's the three of them tried to call back the flock to the sheepfold. The sheep flock seemed to be afraid of the presence of many people and bright lights around their homes. Mr. Kang called them back used the bell from inside the sheephold. But instead of coming they are getting away from the sheepfold.

The staff and members tried to stay away from the sheepfold, they did recording from a distance. The sheep responded when called to the bell, they came back down from the small hill next to their house. but they stopped right in front of the sheepfold. The sheep are silent for a moment, they look scared and then they running back to the hill, away from the sheepfold.

It's getting late, Lee Si Young, Lee Kwang Soo and Ha Ha look a little worried about the mission. The staff also felt worried because the sheep usually rested at night. It also mean that they only have a little time left to finish the mission.

Mr. Kang is the owner of the farm, then tells them to turn off all the spotlights and only use the camera to do the recording. That's because he will try to call back the sheep into the sheepfold by himself.

In a place far from the sheepfold in front of the fireplace. The members and staff saw that from a distance the sheep had descended from the hill, they approached the sheepfold.They paused, then with a direction from Mr. Kang the sheep entered the sheepfold. Finally after all the sheep entered Mr. Kang locked the sheepfold and called the Running Man members and staff. He said they could use the lights now.

Lee Si Young and Ha Ha and Lee Kwang Soo entered the sheepfold. Mr. Kang let them interact first by feeding the sheep, especially the sheep that the milk they will take. Lee Kwang Soo is seen feeding Byul the sheep.

A few moments later, they began to carry out their mission to get four liters of sheep's milk. In the first experiment they tried milking the sheep named Artu. Mr. Kang gave a quick course on how to milk sheep. First Lee Kwang Soo locks Artu's head so he doesn't move, then Ha Ha is in charge of feeding Artu so he feels comfortable and Lee Si Young milks Artu. Lee Kwang Soo and Ha Ha, the two coward looks so scared when they tried to hold and feeds Artu.

But Artu didn't seem to match with the three of them. He tried to bite and eat Ha Ha's jacket, Lee Kwang Soo stepped on his knees by Artu, Lee Kwang Soo tried to hold him back but Artu managed to escape from the three of them. The three of them were surprised because Artu's strength was so strong that Lee Kwang Soo could not able to hold Artu. Lee Si Young only managed to milked a little from her.

They then look for another sheep to milk their milk. There is one sheep named Byul who does not seem afraid of them. Could it be because Lee Kwang Soo had previously fed Byul, or because of his name being the same as Ha Ha's wife.

However Byul looks calm, they decide to milk Byul. Using the same technique the three of them milked from Byul. Lee Si Young patiently and deftly managed to fill his first bottle. It seems that Byul is happy to work with them.

After a while their fourth bottle was fully filled. But before the fourth bottle is filled, Byul makes a sound, perhaps a sign that the milk has run out. Lee Kwang Soo speaks Korean with a lamb accent to byul, he thanks her for her hard work. They successfully completed their mission. Among the three teams, Lee Si Young's team is the fastest.

Because being the fastest they get the advantage, they can choose freely one of the three remaining missions. For some specific reasons they decided to choose a mission that suited them. The mission is the mission of Tsushima Island. 

They switched to the next location to a sashimi restaurant. In the original Tsushima island mission they were served various kind of seafood and eat a lot of them, and then they were required to catch the types of fish they had eaten. It was giving bad memories to Ha Ha. He then gave a suggestion, this time try not to eat the food served in front of them.

On the way to the restaurant, an incident occurred where Lee Kwang Soo was beaten by Lee Si Young. This happened because the troublemaker Lee Kwang Soo made a scene, he took Lee Si Young's ballot.

Finally they arrived at the Sashimi restaurant in Gangwon Province. Once they enter, on the table in front of them are various types of seafood. The food is specifically served for Lee Si Young, Lee Kwang Soo and Ha Ha. They were then ordered to sit down and eat all the food. They will be notified of their mission after they finish eating.

Ha Ha, who still feels the trauma of Tsushima Island's mission in the previous episode. Decide not to touch the seafood and only eat rice and other complementary dishes. Lee Si Young and Lee Kwang Soo followed Ha Ha, they don't touch the seafood. At that time Lee Si Young was felling suspicious about of the actions of the staff who were writing something, even though they did not touch the seafood. Lee Si Young then lifted the plate one by one as he was looking for something.

Time is up, they can't eat anything else. One staff member gave them a mission board. Their guess turned out to be wrong, the mission this time was to get one of the ingredients, from the food they hadn't eaten.

There were thirteen types of food they did not eat, because too many staff only put seven names of food ingredients into an envelope. Lee Si Young must choose one of these envelopes. He asked Lee Kwang Soo for advice when he took two envelopes and chose one of the envelopes that Lee Kwang Soo didn't choose, the result they managed to choose sandfish as the food they had to look for. Sandfish is one of the easiest to get among the others.

They will catch fish at three o'clock in the morning plus an extra mission that they must complete there. They returned to the guest house to get some rest.

Meanwhile Song Ji Hyo's team was trying to prepare food for one hundred people. The PD gives a time limit until 18:30pm, because most of those invited were senior residents.

It seems like this team lacks of people, to prepare all of them with only four members, it won't be enough time until tonight. Therefore staff will provide one person's assistance to be exchanged for 1 ballot.

While Kim Jong Kook and Yang Se Chan are outside to invite local residents. The two women in the kitchen were overwhelmed in preparing food. They finally gave one ballot to be exchanged with one assistant. A young PD was arranged to help them. But Song Ji Hyo the temperamental team leader, complaining with the work of their slow assistant.

But they have no other choice. Shortly afterwards Kim Jong Kook and Yang Se Chan came to help, they had finished going around giving meal invitation to the citizen. Yang Se Chan and PD assistant helped peel the potato skin, while Kim Jong Kook was in charge of grating potatoes. Song Ji Hyo who saw Kim Jong Kook grating potatoes using his hands, told him to use a blender because it would be faster.

Byul, who first told him to use a grater, said that he wanted Kim Jong Kook to show his arm muscles. Or maybe Byul know that there  is a blender in the kitchen, but because she and her team lack of experience to manage a large scale cooking event, the quick method did not occur to her. Well whatever that is,
Yang Se Chan who had finished peeling the potato skin, helped Byul cut the carrot. They do it all  the preparation with directions from Byul, the main chef of the cooking mission.

Byul seems to make three or four types of dishes, to be served to guests. After dividing tasks and speeding up their work. They almost finished all the dishes. Meanwhile many invited guests were present. Yang Se Chan and Kim Jong Kook were given orders to receive guests and buy time until all food was ready to be served.

Kim Jong Kook and Yang Se Chan went to the dining room where guests were waiting for the meal. They welcomed the guests, also apologizing for the delay in the food that was still being prepared.

The guests were happy with their presence, they said they were no longer feel hungry after seeing them both.

To enliven the atmosphere Kim Jong Kook and Yang Se Chan decided to hold a concert by singing in front of the invited guests. Equipment has been prepared, the two of them then sing a few songs to entertain the guests. Previously they said that the event was postponed until 19.30pm and ask guests to wait patiently while being counted by the staff and stick the sticker on their clothes..

It was when the duo Yang Se Chan and Kim Jong Kook were busy singing a song for the several times. Song Ji Hyo and Byul bring food out to the guests. Finally they have finished making all the dishes. They served Suyuk, dough soup and pancakes to the guests.

At that time there were 95 people who came and counted by the staff. The remaining time is only thirteen minutes, one guest comes to the location, the remaining four people. Byul gets info, the village head has not been counted. Byul then looked for him in the dining room and put a sticker on him.

Then two more guests arrived, just one more. At that time there was another guest who came running, apparently he was called by his wife to come. It was very touching to see the residents who helped the Running Man members complete their mission.

Finally 100 people were complete at the event, Song Ji Hyo Team had successfully completed their mission. For the next mission it seems they chose the Osaka mission. The original mission at that time was to try the latest hairstyle in Osaka.

The Song Ji Hyo team returned to the Cottage where they stayed with the staff, and Lee Si Young's team. At that time Song Ji Hyo's team was in the living room welcoming Lee Si Young's team who were heading to the cottage. Song Ji Hyo said that his body was exhausted after doing the cooking mission. Meanwhile Yang Se Chan said that Ha Ha would be surprised to see Byul here. Byul said to the staff that Ha Ha would not know of his presence because his schedule had been kept secret from Ha Ha.

Soon they arrived. Ha Ha, who didn't know his wife came, looked surprised to see Byul among Song Ji Hyo's team. Funny thing is Lee Kwang Soo looks surprised too to see Byul.

Byul feels a little angry and tells them that he is also a celebrity, and he can also appear on Running Man. Realizing his mistake Lee Kwang Soo immediately apologized to Byul. Kim Jong Kook tells Ha Ha that Byul has worked hard and told him to hug his wife. It seems like Lee Kwang Soo and Ha Ha were surprised because on the previous mission they met a sheep who had the same name as Byul. Lee Kwang Soo even had to hold Byul (sheep) for a while to be milked by Lee Si Young.

Lee Si Young suddenly said he would search his members jacket's, because at that time someone had stolen his ballot. She searched Ha Ha and Lee Kwang Soo's jacket but found nothing. Kim Jong Kook told her to examine Lee Kwang Soo's body.

Song Ji Hyo helped her and managed to find the ballot in an instant. Lee Si Young is angry to find out where Lee Kwang Soo hid his ballot. He hit him and asked for a new ballot because the old one seemed to have been contaminated with Lee Kwang Soo's sweat.

After the fight the staff team announced that they will provide two more additional ballots, because both teams have worked hard and successfully completed their mission. But they have to do a big toe wrestling mission. The winning team will get the prize.

PD chooses representatives from both teams to fight. Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Jong Kook were chosen to represent their respective teams. 

The fight began, at first they looked equally strong. But the final results are predictable, Lee Kwang Soo only has a strong spirit. And it proved to be useless, Kim Jong Kook with the power of his legs managed to defeat Lee Kwang Soo.The Song Ji Hyo team won two more ballots.

The two troublemaker Ha Ha and Lee Kwang Soo were not satisfied with the results, they challenged Song Ji Hyo's team to gamble. The bet is the ballot, each team bet two ballot, they will do roulette to determine the winner.

On the first bet Lee Si Young was chosen to spin the roulette, but luck was on the side of Song Ji Hyo's team. They won two ballot. Feeling unsatisfied, Lee Si Young's team asked for a rematch, they raised bets to three ballots.

But they again lost 3 ballots, Byul who was trusted to spin the roulette managed to bring victory to his team. Then they all rested and slept.

Lee Si Young's team who had just slept for an hour had to go to the port to catch sandfish. They arrived at the port, their mission continued in the next episode.

Meanwhile Jeon So Min's team is doing they three attempts to eat the steak mission, but they are unsuccessful. The selected taxi drivers recommend that they eat wantanmian or Wonton Noodles. 

They were taken to their original place, where they first had boarded the taxi. And brought to the same restaurant too.

Luckily at that time the restaurant recommended by the taxi driver was closed. They avoid the noodle curses. They then spin the roulette to find the person who will be asked for food recommendations. On the fourth trial in this mission they had to find a Shop Clerk.

But unfortunately on the fourth try they could not avoid the noodle curses. The chosen shop clerk recommends them to eat fishball noodles. Jeon So Min then brings a note of food recommendations from the store's cashier to Yoo Jae Suk.

Yoo Jae Suk announced a new show called Running Myeon. This show has been going on for two episode. The first times in Osaka, where they eat ramen and soba. The second episode is today when they eats noodles in Hong Kong, where they have tried eating wantanmian or wonton noodles and now it's time for tried the fishball noodle's.

They finally found a restaurant that sells fishball noodles. The restaurant looks full of visitors who want to eat there. The three of them then sat down while waiting for the order to arrive. This is the third time they have eaten noodles after arriving in Hong Kong.

Yoo Jae Suk said that after eating they had to leave the area, Jeon So Min the leader team said something about Mong Kok market.

Ji Suk Jin did his research looking for data on favorite foods in Hong Kong. He found the fact that for the first rank was dim sum, wantanmian was ranked second. Dim Sum for residents of Hong Kong is the same as lunch, therefore no one recommends eating Dim Sum to them, because at that time it has entered dinner time.

Food came to their table, a large bowl of Fishball Noodles served before them. Fishball is like meatball with fish meat as its main ingredient. Jeon So Min says it tastes the same as fish cake. 

They finished the meal, after that they have a discussion with the staff team. Yoo Jae Suk tells Ji Suk Jin's research results and says that they have to move to a place where many restaurants provide steaks.

The staff team agreed to their proposal, they all went to a new place. Their destination this time is Mok Dong market. In the vehicle there was a silly incident, Jeon So Min demonstrated the scene again during the couple race episode (episode 426) when he tried to tease Ha Ha.

In that episode Jeon So Min said that his flirtatious move were adjusted for 12 years of age. Then while looking at the camera in front of her, Jeon So Min shows her ridiculousness by demonstrating a movement that is adjusted for 15 years of age. Yoo Jae Suk who is nearby scolded him, but his ridiculousness still continues.

Finally they arrived at Mong Kok night market. After come out from their vehicle, they immediately spin the roulette. And the result are they must search for someone with the last name Wang / Wong for food recommendations.

Finally after searching various places and asking many people, they managed to find someone with the last name Wong. A young man with the last name Wong gave them food recommendations. They are advised to try Taiwan noodle's.

This team seems almost desperate. This is the fourth time they have to eat noodles after arriving in Hong Kong. In my opinion, they have to change the words on the mission card they show to the person who will be asked for food recommendations.

They might not be hit by the curse of noodles, on the contrary they might be lucky in having something to do with eating noodles. As the situation that happening of the next restaurant where they had to eat Taiwan Noodle's, the generous shop owners gave them a lot of extra food as a bonus. Jeon So Min, she has to wrap the food to eat later.

They returned to playing roulette for the sixth time. They again had to find someone with the last name Wong to ask for food recommendations. 

This is their last chance, and their luck with noodles continues. A young man with last named Wong who has been verified by staff. He recommend Gon Chow Ho, or stirred fried beef noodle's, one of the famous foods in Hong Kong to the Jeon So Min team.

They knelt down and begged the staff team to let them not eat, maybe they wanted to try the mission once again. But the staff finally decided that Jeon So Min failed the mission. As a result, one of the nine people would get a penalty.

They then entered a restaurant that served the menu. Then after that they went to a hotel because it was late and they needed to rest and sleep. 

In the hotel lobby they were given a second mission to complete. The only mission left is the King Crab mission in Russia, the members then decided to choose a new mission to replace the King Crab mission. But the mission is still a secret and will be revealed tomorrow when filming begins. They were then told by staff to rest in their respective rooms

In the morning about thirty minutes before filming begins. A team of staff members and several cameramen entered the room where Yoo Jae Seok and Ji Suk Jin were staying. They enter Ji Suk Jin's room and question him. Ji Suk Jin answered the question with Chow Yun Fat as the answer.

On the morning of Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin and Jeon Seo Min make an opening to start their second mission. The staff finally told their second mission. They have to take pictures together with Chow Yun Fat. To be continue later, end of episode. 
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