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( Guest : Lee Si Young, Byul, Hwang Chi Yeul, Sung Hoon, Jeon Hye Bin, Park Ha Na, Sooyoung (SNSD), Han Seon Hwa )

From the previous episode. In the morning before they left, Lee Kwang Soo from Lee Si Young team, stole Yang Se Chan's ballot papers. They were share the same room at the cottage. So it's very easy for him to steal it from Yang Se Chan while he is in the bathroom.

Lee Kwang Soo shows the ballot he stole from Yang Se Chan. Unexpectedly, Lee Si Young snatched the ballot from Lee Kwang Soo's hand before Lee Kwang Soo could explain that the ballot belonged to Yang Se Chan. Lee Si Young might have thought it was his.

Lee Kwang Soo initially might want to tease Lee Si Young, but the action actually made him at dissadvantage. Because now all the ballots are in the hands of Lee Si Young, and it's very difficult to ask for them again. Lee Si Young with his argument as team leader was very strong. Lee Kwang Soo finally had to give up the ballot papers he had obtained from Yang Se Chan.

Some time later they arrived at the port, they immediately boarded a fishing boat that would depart to catch sandfish. The month was in season to catch these types of fish so they were very lucky. On the boat, Ha Ha plays skits as a descendant of fishermen who have had years of experience.

He even used a whistle from his life jacket to discipline Lee Kwang Soo and greet a passing fishing boat. Ha Ha still plays and says the ship belongs to his aunt. But unfortunately the play had to stop when the ship stopped. They are now focused on carrying out their mission.

The captain of the ship was making them worried, by saying that it would be very difficult to catch fish at the time because the current was very strong that day.

Ha Ha seems to be nervous and has seasick after hearing the news. Shortly afterwards the fishing net was lifted and pulled by a pulling device. They helped pull it into the boat hoping to catch sandfish. It was after a while that their worries disappeared. The fishing net captures a lot of sandfish and other types of fish. They were very happy their mission finally succeeded.

They pulled the fishing net for some time. Lee Kwang Soo asked the staff team, that what they are doing now is a mission and not a penalty?. All nets have been pulled and the ship is filled with fish. they returned to the port.

At the port they had to do an extra mission, they were presented with 2 fish plates on a table. They have to guess the type of fish, and they recognize the sandfish. When they will guess the other types of fish, there is a shout from the captain of the ship telling the name of the fish in front of them. He said the fish was sandlance, without hesitation Lee Si Young's team answered sandlance. They successfully completed all missions.

Meanwhile the Hong Kong team just woke up and they were doing the morning opening. Their mission this time is to take a picture with Chow Yun Fat. They had doubts about whether they could find him. 

The staff team gave instructions to them that their mission could succeed. The staff explained about various news on the internet about Chow Yun Fat. He seems to be often in the area around Hong Kong and doing selfies with his fans there.

Jeon So Min then runs searching on the internet and manages to find a restaurant, which is often visited by him. They immediately rushed to the location of the restaurant. In the middle of the trip, Yoo Jae Suk managed to get two ballots because he had defeated Ji Suk Jin and Jeon So Min in a mini game.

After arriving in front of the restaurant Jeon So Min's , Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin are welcome to enter the restaurant. They asked the restaurant owner, and the restaurant owner said that Chow Yun Fat had just had breakfast here. He always had breakfast at the restaurant every 7 o'clock in the morning.

They were late for a few minutes, finally they decided to have breakfast at the restaurant. They chose the food menu eaten by the legend Chow Yun Fat.

Soon after, the food came to their table with three servings of fish porridge. Their luck with the noodles is still not gone, the restaurant owner serves one plate of free fried noodles as a service from them.

They praise the delicious fish porridge cuisine, no wonder the legend always has breakfast at the restaurant. Because the menu is suitable as a dish for breakfast.

While in the restaurant Jeon So Min had been searching for the legend and said that his good character was the opposite of Ji Suk Jin character.

Jeon So Min then mentioned various quote's from Chow Yun Fat which she got from the internet. These words are the opposite of Ji Suk Jin's nature. That means Chow Yun Fat is a good character, while Ji Suk Jin is a bad person according to Jeon So Min.

After getting information from the restaurant owner about the other place which is often visited by the legend. They immediately left for the next location.

On the bus, Ji Suk Jin gets a call from Kim Jong Kook. He asking six questions to Ji Suk Jin. At that time Kim Jong Kook and his team and staff were carrying out their mission. They must find a salon that has celebrity names in it. And win the word game with a celebrity whose name is in the name of the salon.

They found a salon called Jin Hair Salon. And decided to play the word game with Ji Suk Jin. Unfortunately Ji Suk Jin can't guess all the words asked by Kim Jong Kook. So they must look for other celebrity names that have the name Jin in it. Kim Jong Kook asked Ji Suk Jin to give all the names of celebrities he knew.

Yang Se Chan asked for Joo Byung Jin's number, and then he called him. At that time Joo Byung Jin was playing golf, Yang Se Chan waited for him for a while. At that time he was worried because he had to call his senior with the nickname Jin, Jin, Jin. But the nickname was not a problem for him and he managed to answer all of Yang Se Chan's questions. They can proceed to the second step, go to the location of Jin Hair Salon.

In their vehicles they are busy searching for suitable hairstyles to try on them. Yang Se Chan gets a haircut picture that is suitable for Song Ji Hyo, while Byul search a haircut image for Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo.

After arriving at the salon they made a draw. There are two people who will change their hair style. Salon owners are asked to choose. The two people chosen were Yang Se Chan and Byul.

They were very surprised because the two people were chosen, those who were busy looking for hair pictures for others were instead chosen to change their hairstyles. 

Yang Se Chan selected strawberry hair model by Kim Jong Kook while Byul was chosen for Miss Korea's 1989 (Oh Hyun Kung) hairstyle. They both changed their hairstyles and successfully completed all of their missions.

Meanwhile the Hong Kong team is still looking for the legend Chow Yun Fat. This time they headed to the location of the tea shop that he often visited.

However, when they arrived at the shop, they were informed that he had not visited the shop in a past few days. Feeling disappointed, they then went to the famous location where Chow Yun Fat's film was recorded.

There they did a game with a couple who happened to be doing a pre wedding photo shoot there. They will smile and acted happy and the couple will choose the member who has the best smile and looked like a very happy person. 

Yoo Jae suk was chosen as runner-up and Jeon So Min was chosen as the first winner. They both get ballots. While Ji Suk Jin until the end did not get a single ballot for him.

They then surf the internet, looking for other locations. Jeon So Min finds a place that was visited by Chow Yun Fat, Souffle food truck. They went to the location. But unfortunately when they arrived at the location the shop owner said it had been a month since he bought something at the store. 

Ji Suk Jin finds a picture of a shop owner who is similar to Yoo Jae Suk displayed in front of the store. Suddenly the staff team received a call from the owner of the fish porridge restaurant where they had breakfast. He informed Chow Yun Fat a few minutes ago he was seen in a location near his restaurant. They immediately went to the location notified by the owner of the restaurant.

Then they got new information that Chow Yun Fat was at the vegetable market, they jumped off the bus and walked to the market.

Unfortunately after arriving there he was gone, the three of them then split up and searched separately. Because soon it was time to go to the airport, they finally declared failed on this mission. Because there are already 2 failed missions, there will be 2 people who will receive a penalty.

Meanwhile there was an incident at the closing location, at that time the two teams were waiting for the Hong Kong team to arrive. Lee Si Young is looking for her name tag. He asked Lee Kwang Soo to take the name tag from inside her jacket. 

Lee Kwang Soo openly stole Lee Si Young ballot papers in front of all of them, only Lee Si Young who didn't realize it. His skill in stealing things seems to be increasingly honed. But he never learned from his mistakes. 

Lee Si Young directly hits Lee Kwang Soo's stomach and makes him fall. She then took back his Ballot. Actually she also took the Lee Kwang Soo ballot that he stole from Yang Se Chan. So Lee Kwang Soo tried to take it back. But Whatever the cheater will always get the lesson in Running Man.

The Hong Kong team arrived they could start the closing the race. Lee Si Young and Byul get gifts from staff because of their hard work and because their team successfully completed all the missions.

They then began the vote to choose two people who will receive a penalty. There were three people who did not vote because they did not have ballot at all. The three people are the traitor Ji Suk Jin, Lee Kwang Soo and Ha Ha. The three people who tried to betray from the beginning of the race got their lesson.

Who are the most unlucky one among the three of them. They are Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin, they get the whipped cream bomb penalty from the staff team. End of loser bracket race.

One week later 30 minutes before opening Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin were in a room with staff. They were given the opportunity to take revenge on the members who had voted for them in the previous episode. They will be given a secret mission and are required to complete it without being discovered by other members.

But one of them will be revealed the identity by the staff in front of them. And Ji Suk Jin was chosen as the person whose secret identity will be revealed.

The opening ceremony began, in a room that had been decorated, in this special edition of Christmas and New Year the members of the running man congratulated the viewers. They then eat various cakes available in front of them.

When they were eating and chatting, the staff team gave them eight paintings drawn by seven-year-old children. The eight images are pictures of eight members of Running Man. These kids seem to have talent in drawing, their paintings are very good.

Then there are six doors with six paintings drawn by the children. Today race is the Flirting Santa Claus couple race. There will be seven couples, the eight members of Running Man will choose one of the six doors.

Yoo Jae Suk opened the six paintings one by one. The first two paintings are pictures of a man, and the remaining four paintings are pictures of a women. 

Song Ji Hyo and Jeon So Min chose the first door. A male guest star out of the door he is Hwang Chi Yeul a singer. Jeon So Min manage to charm him with acrostic poem and was chosen as his partner. Because no one chooses the second door it will be skipped first.

Next, Jeon Hye Bin is an actress and entertainer coming out of the third door. Kim Jong Kook and Ji Suk Jin were the people who chose her. Surprisingly, she chose Ji Suk Jin as her partner, even though Kim Jong Kook had tried hard to do a push-up while being seated by Yoo Jae Suk lOl.

Here Ji Suk Jin looks dazed and out of focus, maybe he is thinking of a plan or acting to trick other members. Maybe because of seeing the slightly strange behavior of Ji Suk Jin, Jeon Hye Bin felt sorry and chose him as her partner.

Yoo Jae Suk asks door number six to come out first, she is a singer and an actress Han Seon Hwa. Yang Se Chan and Lee Kwang Soo who chose her were told to make an acrostic poem. But it had no effect at all because she chose Lee Kwang Soo as her partner.

Next Ha Ha who chooses door number four stands at the door, a beautiful woman comes out she's an actress Park Ha Na. He looked surprised to see Ha Ha standing at the door. Then Park Ha Na was asked to choose whether she wanted Ha Ha to be her partner. Park Ha Na chose no and made Ha Ha surprised and Ha Ha made a strange and funny face.

There were four members and two guest stars who had not yet gotten a partner. Next was Yoo Jae Suk's turn, the fifth door was opened she was one of the member from SNSD Sooyoung. Yoo Jae Suk, who is confident that he will be chosen by Sooyoung, was rejected, the other four members were happy to see what had happened to Yoo Jae Suk, they cheered him. Yoo Jae Suk finally had to queue with four other members.

Next, the number two door that was forgotten was opened, he was an actor Sung Hoon. Because no one chose him to automatically queue with two other guest stars Sooyoung and Park Ha Na.

Then Park Ha Na was asked to choose his partner, he glanced at Lee Kwang Soo who had paired up with Han Seon Hwa then called him. Feeling above the wind Lee Kwang Soo said to Han Seon Hwa next to him "Lee", he wanted the two beautiful actresses to make an acrostic poem about him.

Lee Kwang Soo felt Park Ha Na's acrostic poem made him feel better, so he chose him and drove Han Seon Hwa to the waiting place.

Next Sooyoung chose someone who had partnered with him on the past episode, Kim Jong Kook. Lee Kwang Soo leaked the story of Kim Jong Kook, who defames Sooyoung. He just laughed to hear Lee Kwang Soo and Sooyoung look a little angry, but eventually they became partners.

Next Sung Hoon chose Ha Ha, and made the others laugh. Finally they both became partners. Next Yoo Jae Suk calls Han Seon Hwa to choose a partner. Suddenly he imitated Lee Kwang Soo and said "Han" to Yoo Jae Suk. Yoo Jae Suk didn't expect to make an acrostic poem because at that time no one else had to compete to make an acrostic poem, and it was very funny.

Han Seon Hwa seems to be still angry with Lee Kwang Soo's previous treatment. Thus Song Ji Hyo and Yang Se Chan automatically become the last couple. 

At that time PD announced something important that inside the race there was a secret and Ji Suk Jin became a clue to the secret. Ji Suk Jin pretends to be surprised, his acting looks very natural. Maybe this is what he had prepared from earlier. End of the episode.
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