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( Host : Yoo Jae Suk, Member : Yang Se Hyung, Son Dam Bi, Jang Do yeon, Kang Ki Young, Jennie (Black Pink), Song Kang, Im Soo Hyang, Kim Sang Ho)

From the previous episode, After completing the first game, four people managed to get a hammer as a hint tool. Kim Sang Ho, Son Dam Bi, Jang Do Yeon and Yang Se Hyung are the four people who get the tool. Now they will play the second part of the game as the same team. This second part of the game will test their brains and memories.

They need to create name for their team in this game. Son Dam Bi, Jang Do Yeon, Kim Sang Ho and Yang Se Hyung named their team 우린미쳤어 (Crazy team). Jennie, Im Soo Hyang, Song Kang and Kang Ki Young named their team 마지막처럼(The Last Team).

The rules in this game they must mention the name of the team before giving an answer to the question given by Yoo Jae Suk. So to make things easier, I simplify the name of the team into Crazy Team and The Last Team.

For the first quiz question Song Kang from The Last Team will face Son Dam Bi from the Crazy team. They both move advance to Yoo Jae Suk and sit on a small bench.

The first question from Yoo Jae Suk are: To promote and create a positive image or opinion in public, various organizations and events use famous artists as their ambassadors. 

Which one is wrong ambassador from the following five options.
1. Shin Goo -  영덕 (Villlage YeongDeok) 대게 (Snow Crab) 홍보대사 (ambassador)
2. Hong Seo Beom & Jo Gap Gyeong - 발기부전 치료 (Erectile dysfunction treatment) 홍보대사 (ambassador)
3. Kang Yu Mi - 대장.항문 질환 (colon and anal disease) 예방 (Prevention) 홍보대사(ambassador)
4.Park Myeong Su - A 형 간염 (Hepatitis type A)  예방 (Prevention) 홍보대사(ambassador)
5.Kim Joon Hyun - 음식물 쓰레기 줄이기 (Reduce food waste) 홍보대사(ambassador).

Son Dam Bi from Crazy Team answer number three " Colon and anal desease ambassador - Kang Yu Mi " but she forget to mention "prevention" word, which make the sentence weird. Yoo Jae Suk refuse the answer because Kang Yu Mi is not promoting illness. 

Song Kang from The Last Team answer Jung Yu Mi ,but it's supposed to be Kang Yu Mi. Because he spell the wrong name Yoo Jae Suk reject the answer.

Seeing the weaknesses from the two of them in memorizing, Yoo Jae Suk then repeated the question.. Then after Yoo Jae Suk finished repeating, Son Dam Bi then answered number five. Kim Joon Hyun promotes eating all food waste. Yes she answer eating all the food waste which is not the correct answer.

Song kang said "The Last Team. Kim Joon Hyun, reduce food ambassador", and he forget to men mention the "waste" word, which is make the people behind him laugh because the change of meaning in the sentence.

Son Dam Bi looks surprised because Yoo Jae Suk refuse Song Kang's answer, she thinks that Song Kang's answer is correct. When Yoo Jae Suk asks her, she asks Yoo Jae Suk to repeat the question.

After he finished read the question, Son Dam Bi immediately answers number five Kim Joon Hyun, reduce food waste ambassador which is the correct answer. But she forget to mention her team name first, which is make her forget half of the answer when she tried to repeat it for the second time.

Yoo Jae Suk did not admitted the answer, Its Song Kang turn to answer. He said "The Last Team. Kim Joon Hyun, reduce food prevention ambassador". Its sound right but not the correct answer. Other member also think the Song Kang answer was right, but actually he again forget the "waste" word and adding the word "prevention" which make Yoo Jae Suk reject the answer.

Yang Se Hyung even scolded them for being too long in answering the first question. Finally Son Dam Bi managed to answer correctly. They finished the first question after thirty minute long. 

On the second question between Kang Ki Young and Yang Se Hyung, Kang Ki Young became the winner so that the position between The Crazy Team and The Last Team became a draw (1-1). The first team that reaches four points will be the winner.

The third question between Im Soo Hyang from The Last Team and Kim Sang Hoo from The Crazy Team. Yoo Jae Suk asked them to mention five movies that containing the name of a person inside the title in limited 5 second time.

At first this was not easy, Kim Sang Ho even mispronounced, the same title over and over again. Yoo Jae Suk then gives a few examples of the film. Finally after several tries. Kim Sang Ho from The Crazy Team managed to answer the question correctly.

The next question between Jennie and Jang Do Yeon, the question are what stands for (누.물.보.). The answer are ( (누)구 (물)어 (보)신분 ) or "who is asking". And that Jang Do Yeon from The Crazy Team guessed correctly. Jennie seems to be having trouble dealing with this type of question.

In the next question, between Kang Ki Young and Yang Se Hyung. After Yoo Jae Suk gives a question, Yang Se Hyung immediately raises his hand indicating that he will answer. But because he talked too much, time is up and Kang Ki Young again managed to steal points for his team. The Last Team (2 point)-The Crazy Team (3 point).

Next, who will answer the questions are Song Kang and Son Dam Bi, a duet of black holes for questions (because the questions will be sucked into them and then disappear). The question from Yoo Jae Suk is to mention 5 Korean films that contain four syllables.

Because of their difficulty in answering, Yoo Jae Suk provides assistance by providing the answers. All they have to do is just remember and repeat the answer. But that is precisely the hardest part, this time Song Kang managed to answer the question correctly. Their points are now draw 3-3.

On the last question Im Soo Hyang managed to answer correctly, The Last Team won with the final score 4-3 defeating The Crazy Team. They copy the tools owned by Yang Se Hyung a magnifying glass.

Nightfall, Yoo Jae Suk tells them that there are instant noodles. They will have dinner with instant noodles, Yoo Jae Suk prepares a fire on a wood stove. Yang Se Hyung cuts firewood and Kang Ki Young cooks rice. The rest are busy helping and some are also looking for clues.

Like Song Kang, he managed to find a clue of 7 letters in the cup he was carrying. He poured hot water into his cup and found the letter. Meanwhile Im Soo Hyang, who owns the cassette as a hint tool, began looking for a cassette player in the house. But she did not find it.

The food was almost ready, Song Kang and Jennie tried to fanned the stove, to raise the heat. And they succeeded, not long after the water boiled and they began to put instant noodles into it. Soon the food was ready, they ate with kimchi, rice and cooked instant noodles. Jennie said she had not eaten instant noodles for five months.

After they finished eating they started the last game, this is their last chance to get another hint tool. In this game they will be asked questions about someone's character, and must choose someone from them that matches the character, and they must guess the contents of the question.

That sound difficult, to make it more difficult Yoo Jae Suk will summon them one by one randomly using a draw, to take the questions randomly and select one of them who matches the character from the question. This is an individual game, and not a team game. So this time they will play for themselves.

Im Soo Hyang who was chosen as the first person have to choose a question for them. He took a piece of paper then read it "The least visible person" and chose Kang Ki Young as someone who matched the description of the question. Im Soo Hyang said that this was a negative question, they then made a negative statement about Kang Ki Young, bad mouthing him completely.And surprisingly Jang Do Yeon becomes the person who managed to guess correctly. 

Kang Ki Young might feel a little down at that time, but the feeling will soon disappear because after that, it is his turn to go forward take a paper and appoint someone who match the question from the paper. " Someone who can not get along, until this program is over" Kang Ki Young choose Son Dam Bi.

Son Dam Bi feels the same feeling as Kang Ki Young when he was bullied by other members. After getting help from Yoo Jae Suk and Kang Ki Young, Jang Do Yeon managed to guess for the second time in a row.

Next Kim Sang Ho chose a paper that read "Someone who seems to have met a man the fastest" and choose Jang Do Yeon as the person that fit with the paper description. Im Soo Hyang guessed correctly, she and Jang Do Yeon became the member who possess the most hint tools.

After a while the game ended. Yoo Jae Suk closes the game and tells them that they can choose to sleep or stay up and look after the hidden money. All members choose to stay up, they then start looking for clues to all corners of the village.

Im Soo Hyang managed to find a difficult hint from her cassette so It basically is give orders to look under the village welcome totem. He succeeded, finding a mini shovel under the totem and digging the ground under the totem.

She found a clock under the ground, the hour was less than five minutes from the actual timeIm Soo Hyang thinks this has something to do with five minutes before the opening.

When they are all looking for clues outside the house, Yang Se Hyung helps Jang Do Yeon look for clues inside the house. Jang Do Yeon manages to find a TV thanks to Yang Se Hyung's help.

But it seems they have not managed to find the original clue from the tv, Yang Se Hyung then tells a suspicious memo attached to the fridge. Inside the word written in the memo there are hidden clues that say to delete all the words that written on the paper. Jang Do Yeon has a pen that has an eraser, Yang Se Hyung helps Jang Do Yeon erase all the words. They found a new clue in the form of a number "101".

Jang Do Yeon scares Yang Se Hyung with a hammer, maybe she doesn't want Yang Se Hyung to get the clue. Meanwhile Kang Ki Young has just discovered a secret code in the form of a star image and a clover in his hint tool which is a flashlight and a magnifying glass. He got the two new tools from the game he won.

Jennie runs into Kang Ki Young who is confused by the secret he just discovered. The two of them greeted each other, after Kang Ki Young went to another place Jennie remembered the red stone he had. He got the stone on the river bank when he saw Kang Ki Young solve it using a hammer.

She doesnt have the hammer so Jennie then pretended to accidentally drop the stone onto the pavement, but the stone was not destroyed. Nice try Jennie. Meanwhile Im Soo Hyang discovers the clover leaf symbol in front of the public toilet.He managed to solve the mystery inside the toilet, by turning off the lights he found a number "11/12".

Son Dam Bi follows Im Soo Hyang into the toilet, Im Soo Hyang currently seems to have a lot of clues. Meanwhile Kang Ki Young had just found a star symbol on the edge of a house's tile. 

When he felt excited it turned out the other members had found the picture before Kang Ki Young found it. In the star image symbol there are very small Korean letters, so a magnifying glass is needed to see it. The letter is "독" or spelled dog.

They all seemed to have found a clue, a patrol car passed Jennie who was thinking hard about the instructions she had gotten. It seems like it's already very late.

Yoo Jae Suk was seen scolding the members who were working too hard to find the money. He says that they should not forget to rest, They then finished the day's activities and went to bed. They had been seen discussing something in the bedroom, then after that they all fell into a deep sleep.

Dawn arrived, Yoo Jae Suk had prepared breakfast for 4 lucky members. The members immediately got up from their sleep after hearing the word breakfast. As usual Yoo Jae Suk prepared a quiz for them, and the four people who were lucky to be able to answer it would get a delicious breakfast.

The four lucky people are Jang Do Yeon, Kang Ki Young, Jennie, and Song Kang. Yoo Jae Suk as the host joins breakfast with them. At that time when they were eating Kim Sang Ho disturbed them by acting funny as if he were asking to join them.

After that it was Im Soo Hyang's turn to come out and disturb those who were eating. But then because she was ignored then went to the place of Seol Gi the puppy.

At that time when they are busy eating the breakfast. Yoo Jae Suk told them that if they making a drama now Song Kang and Jennie will be the main characters, while the three of them were only extras characters.

After finishing eating Yoo Jae Suk asked them to get ready, because after that there will be a closing scene, and after the closing they will all leave the Michuri village back to their own homes.

They returned to their rooms to pack goods into the luggage preparing to go home. After that before the closing scene, they discussed about the instructions they got from the hint tool, at that time they did not know the clue obtained from Jennie's bread.

Jang Do Yeon and Kim Sang Ho try to extract information from Jennie, but Jennie doesn't tell them. At that time Jennie told them both that she had searched for the location of the money but it was too late. The two of them were surprised by Jennie's statement.

They all then gathered on the terrace of the house. At that time Yoo Jae Suk said that there was someone who already found the hidden money worth 10 million won. When Yoo Jae Suk gives him a choice, the person decides to take the money home today.

Yoo Jae Suk also said that if he chooses to bring his money today, the remaining members will making a vote. And if the majority of the member select him in the voting then the money will be taking back from him. The members seemed to be suspicious of each other right now, they were amazed by the fact that there is someone among them that was acting right now.

Yoo Jae Suk also said that there will be a special prize for anyone who finds the main character of 10 million won!. The prize is on the next week episode at the start of the show, instead of one tool they will get two hint tools that will help them to find the hidden money from the beginning.

Yoo Jae Suk then told them where the 10 million won was hidden, he said the money was with Seol Gi the puppy. Then Yoo Jae Suk explains the secrets of each hint tool.

The first one is the meaning of "101" obtained from the memo attached to the refrigerator, it is mean the 101 dalmatian's (a novel and a movie about dogs). Yang Se Hyung and Jang Do Yeon who succeeded in getting the instructions using Jang Do Yeon pen (hint tool) .

Next from the public toilets, a number "11/12" are obtained. These instructions are obtained by turning off the lights and then using the flashlight (hint tool) to illuminate the wall inside the toilet. The meaning of these numbers is the eleventh order of the 12 Chinese animal zodiacs, which is refer to dog.

Next the word apricot (살구) is obtained from the TV using the remote tv (hint tool). there is a famous expression in korean that has word dog (개) and apricot (살구) which is the two words are close together. The famous expression is "A wild apricot with beautiful color" 빛 좋은 개살구 which is used to describe something that look good on the outside, but lacking on the inside.

Kim Sang Ho, who got the instructions, realized the relation of the word apricot to the dog after being explained by Yoo Jae Suk. Im Soo Hyang, who seems to have known the meaning of the word apricot, said that he already knew it but she was too late. There already two people who said that they are late, this people are are Jennie and Im Soo Hyang.

Next the secret from the "HOT" letter on Jennie's bread (hint tool), Yoo Jae Suk said that it meant a name of a food "Hot Dog". Next is the star emblem attached to the tile of a house belonging to a citizen. To see it a magnifying glass (hint tool) is needed. This is the most clearest clue from all, the word dog (독).

The clue of Song Kang's cup (hint tool) is seven "H" letters, in Korean 7H means dog(개). Next clue's, Kang Ki Young as the first person who smashed the red stone using a hammer (hint tool), got a sticker describing of the elevator open button door, which was lit. And there is a dog word in korean inside the elevator door's open button.

Next the secret in the watch found by Im Soo Hyang that he got after breaking the code on his cassette (hint tool). This watch show five minutes less from the actual time. In Korean "five minutes" contains the word dog in it.

Jang Do Yeon asked Song Kang, at that time he told her about the seven doors. Jang Do Yeon believe the fake hint and looks for clues about the seven doors to the whole village. Song Kang said that he himself did not know the true meaning of the 7 letters of H. Suddenly he remembered an incident when they took a break, he saw Yang Se Hyung releasing Seol Gi the puppy from his bond.

Song Kang's testimony made all the members begin to suspect Yang Se Hyung. That testimony added one more person to the list of suspicious people. They are Jennie, Im Soo Hyang and Yang Se Hyung.

Then the eight people started voting. The result of the vote was 5 people chose Yang Se Hyung, while 3 other people chose Im Soo Hyang. Yang Se Hyung was then summoned by Yoo Jae Suk to come forward.

Yoo Jae Suk then announced that their choice was right, Yang Se hyung was the one who found the 10 million won money. Yang Se Hyung then showed a check worth 10 million won from his pocket.

On the next week's episode five people who chose Yang Se Hyung will get an extra tool aid. They are Jennie, Im Soo Hyang, Jang Do Yeon, Song Kang and Kim Sang Ho. End of episode.

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