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( Guest : Hwang Chi Yeul, Sung Hoon, Jeon Hye Bin, Park Ha Na, Sooyoung  (SNSD), Han Seon Hwa )

From the previous episode. The opening scene with the guest stars has finished, right now they are doing a break. Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin looked at each other as if they were communicating.

Lee Kwang Soo then went to the crowd of staff and crew as if he were looking for something. His eyes stared at several bags lying on the floor. Yang Se Chan saw his strange behavior and called out to him. The question is, what is exactly Lee Kwang Soo looking for?

We return to the scene a few hours earlier when Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin were discussing with staff about their secret mission. The staff asked them to write on a piece of paper an object that the other member have and used recently, that they think the item are disturbing or they most disliked.

After hearing the explanation from PD, they began to describe the items they did not like from the other members. Ji Suk Jin and Lee Kwang Soo say they don't like Yoo Jae Suk's tight jeans. The reason they don't like it is because the jeans are too tight and could cause health problems like these pants can interfere with the circulation of blood in your body.

And the thing they don't like about Kim Jong Kook is the black waist bag that he often carries while filming Running Man. The two of them said that the bag matched the black shirt that he often wore, they never knew what was inside Kim Jong Kook's black waist bag. So the real reason for these two cowards is actually because they are afraid of that black bag.

Ha Ha's next item that Lee Kwang Soo doesn't like is his Smartphone, he has personal reasons. In episode 429 Ha Ha surprised Lee Kwang Soo by saying on his cellphone he had Lee Kwang Soo personal video. 

In addition, Ha Ha has also posted a photo of Ji Suk Jin who was urinating on the toilet using a green alien costume (Running Man episode 222). Funny thing is Ha Ha posted the old photo during Ji Suk Jin's Birthday. They were both afraid of Ha Ha's intelligence in manipulating the image and video data contained in his Smartphone.

Next, Song Ji Hyo's things that they thought were a bit annoying is her hats, they even suspected that Song Ji Hyo didn't like washing her hair. Next from Jeon So Min, an object they don't like is the frog attribute that she has used often recently.

Yang Se Chan recently wears checkered pattern clothes, so they pick the item. Then a PD explained to them that before the race ended they had to steal all the items they mentioned earlier. They will be assisted by two guest stars whose identity is currently kept secret from the viewer.

The stolen property they got, must be put into a bag belonging to a designated PD. If they fail to complete the secret mission, they will get a penalty. They and the two guest stars began the mission of revenge for Ji Suk Jin and Lee Kwang Soo.

Back to the moment when Yang Se Chan suspected Lee Kwang Soo's strange actions, Lee Kwang Soo acted normally, and returned to his seat. Soon they will start filming the first round of the race.

Near them neatly arranged seven gift boxes, which have different sizes and colors. An envelope containing challenges that must be done by the member sticking to each gift. They must choose a gift and carry out the challenges contained in the envelope.

Yoo Jae Suk as the MC after playing with the members, chose a box of the highest size. And opened the blue envelope attached to the gift. Then reading the first challenge they have to do, this round is called tree party.

The first Tree Party challenge is they must tell a true story about dating that was happening at Christmas. The most impressive story will get an envelope containing a message about the identity of someone who is disguised among them. 

Jeon So Min raises her hand, she wants to try the challenge. She is someone who has many stories, she often tells about her funny life experiences with other members. So what kind of story she will tell us this time.

This story happened when Jeon So Min was 24 years old, It's Christmas time, she and her boyfriend planned to go to the amusement park. At Christmas time tickets are expensive. His male friend has a discount coupon that can be used in the amusement park.

They were on the bus on the way to the amusement park. Suddenly her boyfriend remembered something, he forgot to printed the discount coupon. They got off the bus looking for an internet cafe.

They were a college student at that time who had a tight budget. So her boyfriend often go to someplace to check his wallet. Jeon So Min feeling sad remembering that moment. Yoo Jae Suk asks if they are still dating now, Jeon So Min said that time she was young and often drunk, so her boyfriend decided to part with her because of his drunken habit. It's a sad story with a funny ending.

Next Song Ji Hyo, who rarely tells about her love life, takes out a story that happened to her at Christmas. When she and her boyfriend are hanging out at home. She fell asleep, she woke up when her boyfriend took him into a room. The room is decorated with lots of balloons and romantic candles.

In short he fell asleep, in the morning when she woke up Song Ji Hyo felt something was touching her cheek. When opening her eyes she was surprised to see many balloon straps around him. Apparently the balloons had run out of helium or gas, so they descended to the ground. They all laughed after hearing the end of the story.

For the next person Yoo Jae Suk then asked Sooyoung about her date experience at Christmas. Sooyoung sadly said that she did not have or might not remember about her dating story on the Christmas eve.

Next Yoo Jae Suk asked Sung Hoon to tell a story about his dating experience on Christmas Eve. Suddenly Park Ha Na who was sitting next to Lee Kwang Soo asked Sung Hoon something. Sung Hoon sits next to Lee Kwang Soo too, so Lee Kwang Soo's position is between the two of them. So when the two of them talked Lee Kwang Soo could hear the contents of the conversation clearly.

Park Ha Na asked about a celebrity woman he had escorted home with his car, when they left from the gym. Park Ha Na and Sung Hoon practice at the same gym, they have the same trainers. But Sung Hoon has never been kind to her like that, even though they live in the same neighborhood. Sung Hoon reasoned that at that time Park Ha Na had a boyfriend.

The two of them absorbed in the conversation, they didn't pay attention to Lee Kwang Soo who was sitting between them. At that time Yoo Jae Suk asked Park Ha Na if he really had a boyfriend at that time. Park Ha Na said that at the moment she has a boyfriend, and there are articles that write about it.

Lee Kwang Soo, who became Park Ha Na's partner at the time was a little surprised to hear her confession. His partner turns out to have a boyfriend and Lee Kwang Soo doesn't know about it. He felt cheated by Park Ha Na's romantic actions at the opening.

Because of the tragedy that happened to Lee Kwang Soo at the time, Ha Ha proposed that Lee Kwang Soo be the winner of the challenge the true story of dating at Christmas. They all agreed, and Lee Kwang Soo sadly won the first challenge.

Yoo Jae Suk then took a new envelope, time for the second challenge of the tree party round. The second challenge is to show the talent they have. They agreed to compete in their dance skills.

Hwang Chi Yeul went down and showed his dance skills by doing some footwork movements. After that he finished his movement with two power moves, begin with a floating spinning move, and ended with a windmill movement. Yoo Jae Suk screamed in amazement after watching his skill.

Ha Ha speak about Jeon Hye Bin, back then she was famous  as a legendary 24 hour spinner. Hearing Ha Ha's words Yoo Jae Suk then asks Jeon Hye Bin to re-demonstrate her famous spinning movement. Jeon Hye Bin then shows them the famous dance moves.

Next Park Ha Na will dance, she ask the song from S.E.S. 'I'm Your Girl'. This song was once a Korean Schoolgirl anthem at her time. Yoo Jae Suk asks Sooyoung and Jeon So Min to help Park Ha Na. As soon as the song starts they all display cute and refreshing dance movements.

Next is Sooyoung's turn to dance, she asks for help from Jeon Hye Bin, Han Seon Hwa and Jeon So Min. They did a good collaboration with Sooyoung as a center. This song from Fin.K.L made them excited, Yoo Jae Suk even fell down when he saw them dancing.

Next is Han Seon Hwa's turn to dance, he will be assisted by Song Ji Hyo and Jeon So Min. The music began, the three of them started dancing with enthusiasm, especially Jeon So Min, who seemed to be most excited about the dance movement.

Jeon So Min was asked to repeat the dance because she moves faster than the original singer which making her more cute. Suddenly Ha Ha said it was time for 'Black Cat' from Turbo. While demonstrating the supporting dancer movement, finally Kim Joong Kook triggered and closed the challenge with his song from the Turbo Group 'Black Cat'.

The winner of the challenge this time is Kim Jong Kook and Sooyoung. They and the winners of previous challenges Lee Kwang Soo's and Park Ha Na got an envelope containing a hint about the identity of Spy who was disguised among them.

They both got the same message "Ji Seok-jin It's an angry Santa". They then go to the restaurant for lunch. They are divided into two groups. The first groups to go to Korean restaurants are Kim Jong Kook, Sooyoung, Lee Kwang Soo, Park Ha Na, Yang Se Chan and Song Ji Hyo.

The second group will go to the Chinese restaurant, Yoo Jae Suk, Han Seon Hwa, Ha Ha, Sung Hoon, Ji Suk Jin, Jeon Hye Bin, Hwang Chi Yeul and Jeon So Min. 

On the way to the restaurant a mini game is done on the bus to get a hint. In the first group bus Song Ji Hyo and Yang Se Chan managed to get an important hint "Two guest star It's a scout". Meanwhile from the second group, no one gets a hint. There is incident in the second group where Jeon Hye Bin while playing mini game accidentally calls Ji Suk Jin a person who has sly eyes which make the old man furious like an angry santa.

The first group arrived at the Korean restaurant, a word game is awaiting for them, this is a game of composing words consisting of 3 syllables. Where the first syllable will be given by a PD and then forwarded to the couple to form three syllables which have a meaning in Korean.

Song Ji Hyo and Yang Se Chan who in the bus look good in word game, fail to make 3 syllables. Kim Jong Kook and Sooyoung also failed. Only Lee Kwang Soo and Park Ha Na managed to win the game and got a hint, but shouldn't Lee Kwang Soo prevent them from getting hints or maybe this is one of his strategies I don't know.

The second group that had arrived at a Chinese restaurant had already started a game. They have to write two things that are forbidden to do on a Mickey Mouse Headbands. These two things are in the form of forbidden sayings and the other are prohibited actions. 

Each couple will wear one headband written by another couple, in this first round they exchange the headband clockwise. Those who will wear headbands in the first round are the women, on second round later it's the men turn to wear them. If any of the women who wear headbands do the prohibited things written on the headbands they wear, then their partners will be punished by a painting on their faces.

In this first round the ones wearing headbands are Ha Ha, Jeon Hye Bin, Jeon So Min and Han Seon Hwa. Then they were given ten minutes to chat while luring other couples to do things that were prohibited.

In this first round, Jeon Hye Bin did three things that were forbidden, said Oppa's words and smiled with visible gums. So that his partner Ji SUk Jin was painted three times on the face, using markers.

Han Seon Hwa does one prohibited action which is touching his hair. His partner Yoo Jae Suk painted a mustache on his face so that it resembled Freddie Mercury. Ha Ha sang a famous song by Queen We Will Rock You, which made all of them including Yoo Jae Suk clap and mimic the voice of "Eeeo".

The time was over, the next round they would write two new prohibited things then exchange them this time counterclockwise, and the men who would wear the headbands. 

In the second round, many faces were painted. They were very fierce in luring other couples to do things that are prohibited. At the beginning three people had done something forbidden, Yoo Jae Suk was forbidden from saying "Eeeoo" and clapping his hands. Sung Hoon is forbidden to look at Ha Ha, and Ji Suk Jin is forbidden to say "Eeoo"  do the prohibited thing.

In the end Jeon So Min and Hwang Chi Yeul managed to win because they made the least mistakes. They get a hint and also a lunch at the restaurant. The hint are "The shoes are put in the shoe box. Please keep your valuables at the counter. We are not responsible for lost". Jeon So Min looks at the hint very carefully.

While the other three couples make a draw, using three bottles of water. Ha Ha and Sung Hoon's couple are unlucky, they have lunch with only rice and dried seaweed.

Lee Kwang who was in a Korean restaurant managed to sneak out to steal Song Ji Hyo and Yang Se Chan's belongings. He grabbed a hat and Checkered coat from their cars. He has managed to collect two items at this time, only to steal four more then they will successfully complete the mission.

In the final round of this race they will do hide and seek games. They have to look for hints hidden inside the SBS building and then eliminate those they consider as a spy. This is a couple game but they are free to separate from their partner .

In front of all Ji Suk Jin made a statement that he had been framed. But the PD replied and told him to be careful. Now all members are convinced that Ji Suk Jin is one of the spies. 

They were separated and taken to various places inside the building. Lee Kwang Soo use the chance to approached Ji Suk Jin while asking if he had managed to get So Min's belongings. Ji Suk Jin says he hasn't succeeded yet.

Meanwhile behind them suddenly Yang Se Chan appeared, they were both shocked. but it seems like he didn't listen to the contents of their conversation.

After arriving at their respective locations they were briefly interviewed about this race, who were the people they suspected so far. Some of them are still confused about who is the person meant by 2 scout or assistant hints. After a while came a loud sound from the loudspeaker "Race Start", as a sign that they could start the hide and seek game.

They started looking for Hint to various places inside the building. There was a strange incident where Jeon So Min left her bag at the security desk. Ji Suk Jin saw that and asked for help from Lee Elijah who happened to pass by to get frog accessories from Jeon So Min's bag.

Lee Elijah helped him find Jeon So Min's accessories on the security desk. She then handed it to Ji Suk Jin. Thus three item have been collected by the spies.

There was an incident where Jeon Hye Bin released Han Seon Hwa's nametag. She made a wrong conclusion by thinking Han Seon Hwa as one of the scout. Because she was wrong to eliminate an innocent person, Jeon Hye Bin was also eliminated. 

Sooyoung who turned out to be one of the scouts, bravely took Kim Jong Kook's black waist bag in front of the other members. This is Sooyoung's suicide she sacrificed herself to get Kim Jong Kook's bag. He was then eliminated by Hwang Chi Yeul.

Yoo Jae Suk who had been following Ji Suk Jin seeing something suspicious, he then eliminated Ji Suk Jin. At that time Lee Kwang Soo came and pretended to see Ji Suk Jin's back to check his nametag.

After that Lee Kwang Soo and Yoo Jae Suk went outside, they passed Ha Ha. Here Lee Kwang Soo is carrying out his cunning actions. He frame Yoo Jae Suk as a spy. Lee Kwang Soo then shows an important clue to Ha Ha stating that he is not a spy.

Ha Ha believes in the fake Hint made by Lee Kwang Soo, actually Lee Kwang Soo made and printed the fake hint using a computer in the building. 

The two of them then catch Yoo Jae Suk, at that time Sung Hoon came to help. But he grabs Ha Ha's bag then runs away leaving the three of them. Seeing Ha Ha being shocked, Lee Kwang Soo uses the moment to hold Ha Ha's hand to make him eliminate Yoo Jae Suk.

Sung Hoon turned out to be one of the helpers .Actually, if only Sung Hoon didn't run and take another item, that is Yoo Jae Suk's jeans, they would win.

Lee Kwang Soo gathered with Sung Hoon, then suddenly Kim Jong Kook and Hwang Chi Yeul arrived. The situation became chaotic, Sung Hoon was eliminated by Hwang Chi Yeul. Lee Kwang Soo fled he was chased by Kim Jong Kook.

But at that time the situation was not favorable for him. All three of his friends have been arrested. Lee Kwang Soo was finally caught by Kim Jong Kook, while trying to take Yoo Jae Suk's pants.

Race ends Hwang Chi Yeul and Jeon So Min manage to win, because they have successfully eliminated two spies. They received health supplement prizes from the Running Man staff.

Sooyoung and Sung Hoon were penalized and taking the whipped cream bombs punishment. Meanwhile Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin will get punishment later, not today. End of episode.,-padahal-gak-ngajuin-kredit

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