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( Host : Yoo Jae Suk, Member : Yang Se Hyeong, Son Dam Bi, Jang Do yeon, Kang Ki Young, Jennie (Black Pink), Song Kang, Im Soo Hyang, Kim Sang Ho )

From the previous episode. Here are the hint tool owned by the treasure hunters. Kang Ki Young has a clipboard and slingshot, Im Soo Hyang has an earphone, sprayer and cellphone. Song Kang has a catapult, polaroid camera and cellphone. Jennie has a polaroid camera, sprayer and cellphone.

Kim Sang Ho has a statue, clipboard and cellphone. Son Dam Bi has a sprayer and cellphone, Yang Se Hyung has a cellphone and sprayer. And finally Jang Do Yeon has coins & wallets, catapults and earphones.

Currently they have found 4 clues from the Hint Tool they have. Jennie found instructions from a polaroid camera and sprayer. Im Soo Hyang finds a clue from her earphone, and Song Kang finds a clue from his slingshot.

Continue from the previous episode Jennie was back home now, she had just found a clue from her sprayer. Right now she is only have to find clues from her cellphone because two of the three hint tools she has, have been successfully solved.

To make it easier for me, I will arrange the plot according to the timeline. They still have 30 minutes before dinner. Yoo Jae Suk said they were free to look for clues at that time. They immediately bring their special bags and start searching for the clues. At that time Jennie had changed her clothes, she now wear a jacket she was trying to break the clues from her cellphone.

Meanwhile Yang Se Hyung went to a field near the area, he found something. He used to remember that in this field there was no scarecrow. He notice a strange letter written on the scarecrow. Unfortunately he doesn't have a suitable hint tool to solve the mysterious letter.

At the same time Song Kang and Jang Do Yeon head to a place that seems like a playing area for the kids. Song Kang said he saw something suspicious in this place. He said he saw the place while looking for sweet potatoes with Jang Do Yeon.

He then shows several cameras attached on a trampoline. They thought there must be a clue hidden on the trampoline. They both continue looking for clues around the location.

The smart Jennie at that time managed to find a hint from her cellphone. She combines the first name of the person from the call list on her cellphone. A trampoline word appear when she combined all the korean letter together. She then searched for the location of the trampoline.

When he arrived at the location he saw from a distance there were two people that already there, they are Song Kang and Jang Do Yeon. They seemed to be jumping on the trampoline. Jennie abandoned her intention to look for clues there, she felt there were too many people right now.

Kim Sang Ho was trying to crack the code on his cellphone. He saw Trump's name on the call list , and Rembrant. He suddenly got a clue from Rembrandt!!he remember that Rembrandt is a painter of light. Kim Sang Ho remember something strange, because in this episode each member were given a flashlight by the staff. Therefore he thought this must have something to do with the light from the flashlight.

He then retrieve his hint tool, a statue and flashlight from inside the bag. He searching for a dark cornered place and illuminated his statue with the flashlight. Surprisingly Kim Sang Ho found a tooth-shaped shadow on the wall. 

And what even more surprising fact is, that he is managed to find the secret clues of the statue (hint tool), from the another hint he got from his cellphone (hint tool). Perhaps it's just coincidence or he is really a genius person. The free time given was over, they immediately returned home to make dinner.

Yoo Jae Suk said that he would make new version of Jjajang Ramyeon, which he got the recipe from the internet. A simple recipe that just only add a canned tuna and a fried eggs to the cooked ramyeon.

Yang Se Hyung and Yoo Jae Suk started making fires using firewood on the stove. The fire they made was quite big, maybe Yang Se Hyung had added too much firewood into the stove. They then started cooking water, and put instant Jjajang Ramyeon into the cauldron.

Meanwhile, Yang Se Hyung and Jang Do Yeon prepare dough for making Hotteok or pancakes. Jang Do Yeon asks for a bowl of hot water from the cauldron, he needs it to make the dough. After 3 minutes of cooking noodles, Yoo Jae Suk asks for help from Kim Sang Ho to throw the residuewater from the cauldron. 

There is a moment when Yoo Jae Suk saw a cameraman who was too close to the fire, the fire was almost reach his clothes. Yoo Jae Suk scolded the cameraman's careless actions. Yoo Jae Suk then continues to make the special Jjajang Ramyeon. Several times there was a loud bang from inside the stove, it seemed like they using the firewood that were not dry yet or still wet.

Meanwhile Yang Se Hyung is frying Hotteok with vegetables filling. He made the pancake as a dessert. Judging from the shape it appears that the hotteok is well cooked. Im Soo Hyang even praised Yang Se Yyung's hotteok

Meanwhile Kang Ki Young is in the kitchen, he is making rice. He is waiting for the rice to cook in the kitchen. He waited alone in the kitchen, while his other friends were outside busy cooking and chatting. He sure was a patient man.

The Jjajang Ramyeon finally ready, Yoo Jae Suk has added the canned tuna and the fried egg into the dish. The Hotteok also ready to serve, they start eating heartily on the spot. Kang Ki Young seems coming late for the dinner because he is still cooking the rice. 

But they didnt bother the rice, they were eagerly eat the dinner that already serve in front of them. They enjoying it and cant wait to start looking for the money again. Because that was the reason they came here to find the money!.

After the fast dinner, Yoo Jae Suk gather the member in the yard. There are space in the middle of the house that they usually do the game and for cooking and stuff. They sit on the floor near their own group. They are going to start a game.

But before they started the game Yoo Jae Suk said something to Yang Se Hyung, a sentence they would often use in the next episode. Yoo Jae Suk's question is 'can you do that?', Se Hyung answered 'I That'.

This game focuses on Korean proverbs, someone from them will explain a proverb using facial expressions and movements. While the other three people will try to guess the proverb. They are given limited time and will take turns going forward after someone has guessed correctly.

The first team try to challenge the game are Kang Ki Young Team, Kang Ki Young move forward his job is to demonstrate the proverb to his team. The first proverb is '도둑이 제발 저리다' its mean that 'a thief feel his feet numb on his own'. 

His making an expressions that his feet are feeling numb, it took a while for his team to realize the meaning. Kim Sang Ho finally get the meaning and guess the answer correctly. But the next player Jang Do Yeon and Kim Sang Ho sadly did not demonstrate the proverb that can be understand easily by their teammate, and Kim Sang Ho was run out of time. So the Kang Ki Young Team could only guess 1 correct answer.

Next Jennie from the second team came forward. She read the proverb and begin to demonstrate to her teammate. But surprisingly they are not trying to answer right away, after Jennie make a facial expressions. That make the other team curious what the hell are they trying to do.

Apparently, Yang Se Hyung is the culprit behind all these strange gesture from Jennie. He make a code for his team, a wink for the short proverb, and using the tongue to draw the first letter. I have to admit Yang Se Hyung strategy are legit tough.

Jenny make a wink an draw the 'ㄱ' and 'ㅅ' letter using her tongue, but sadly even after using the strategy they didn't found the answer. Jennie became furious, she run forward to her team and request for a change.

The next player Song Kang came forward, Yoo Jae Suk give him another proverb. Song Kang is known for his bad memory when hes in a quiz with Son Dam Bi from the opposite team. Yoo Jae Suk even name them both as the black hole.

Amazingly even he forgot the wink code plus he cannot use his tongue freely to draw the letter, they manage to guess the proverb correctly. They only have guess one more proverb to win the game. The next player is Yang Se Hyung he move forward to demonstrate for his team. He make a wink and draw a dragon using his tongue. Im Soo Hyang catch the meaning, and she guess correctly. They still have time tough, Im Soo Hyang move forward replace Yang Se Hyung.

Yang Se Hyung is very happy, he became careless. When he is running back to his team, his feet get slipped and fell on the floor with a loud sound, well he deserve a punishment for playing cheatly in this game. Time is finally up, Jennie team win. Each of them can get one more hint tool as a prize.

As for hint tool each of them choose differently. Yang Se Hyung pick a clipboard, Song Kang choose heart wallet that contain a coin inside, Jennie grab an earphone and Im Soo Hyang accept a slingshot as her reward.

For the second game, they will play a character game. They will choose someone that has similar characteristic to the question paper, and the other member beside the person that move forward can guess the answer. Of course if you get chosen you have to prepare your heart and mental to receive other people opinion about yourself.

Yoo Jae Suk make a draw and choose Kim Sang Ho to move forward. He silently read the question paper and choose Jennie as a person that has similar character with the information inside the paper. The information contain in the paper are 'Someone who is likely to get scammed', they began to attack Jennie mercilessly.

Jennie receive all a good and bad opinion about herself from other member. It just a game afterall, all the member here has a sole purpose to entertain the viewer. Jennie know the principal behind the games, she amazingly stand up and guess anwer correctly. Jennie can receive one more hint tool as a reward and made other member jealous and turn on the competition spirit among them.

Yoo Jae Suk called Jang Do Yeon to came forward and take the second paper. The description inside the paper matched with Song Kang according to Do Yeon. Triggered by Jennie accomplishment everyone eagerly try to guess the character description inside the paper that match with Song Kang personality. They attack Song Kang with a funny and a mental wrecked statement.

But Jennie once again got the right answer for the second time in a row. All of them were speechless, she is really a smart girl. She was happy but shes afraid for not be able to solve the hiddemoney location. Just for information several weeks ago Jang Do Yeon have a lot of hint tool in his possession just like Jennie now, but she failed to find the money even she have a lot of hint tool. Yang Se Hyung on the other hand manage to find the money with the minimum hint tool, so maybe a person luck is really playing a big role in this game.

Because of his previous achievement Yang Se Hyung making fun of Jang Do Yeon, He is making a lot of funny statement and jokes about her. As a comedian shes not angry and act accordingly to support Yang Se Hyung statement of course to entertain the viewerSo better luck next time finding the money Jang Do Yeon.

Next Jenny came forward to take a paper and choose someone among them. Jenny read the paper 'a person that when you look at his face you worried about his health'. She think for a moment and choose Kang Ki Young as a person that match the description. Everybody feel excited because they now Kang Ki Young is a patient man, but the real reason is because he was their very first 'target' when they playing on this mental exhausted game several weeks ago.

Everybody making fun of him with make a funny and ridiculous statement attacking his character. In the middle of fun Son Dam Bi amazingly guess the description on the paper correctly. She now can choose one hint tool for her reward.

Kim Sang Ho was chosen by Son Dam Bi for their new 'target', the description are 'People who are not likely to be able to get near 10 million won (prize money)'. They became silent, none of them dare to attack the oldest person among them. Kang Ki Young break the silence by praising him as 'a person who seems to have a strong hormone', Kim Sang Ho like it but unfortunately that not the right answer. Jennie once again surprise them all by guessing the correct answernow she can accumulate three more new hint tool in her bag.

The game ended the winner can retrieve their reward, You Jae Suk watch the clock and announce that they have approximately around 1hour and 45 minute to search for clues before they go to bed and rest in the house.

They are starting to search the clues for the hidden money location, Jennie immediately went to the trampoline location that she found at the afternoon before dinner time. Song Kang and Jang Do Yeon found the trampoline location first on the afternoon, and Jennie want to avoid them so she came back on the evening. 

It was uncertain if Jang Do Yeon or Song Kang found the clues at that time. So Jennie made a jump on the trampoline and found a '715' number hidden on the housetop near the location. She look very tired after several jumps, trying to solve all the hint tool really eat her stamina. 

For the record she has seven hint tool and managed to found three clues from polaroid camera, spayer, and handphone. Im Soo Hyang found clues from earphone, Song Kang found a clue from his slingshot, and Kim Sang Ho solve the statue hint tool clue. So untill now they accumulate 6 clues from the hint tool. Only 2 more hint tool that has not been solve by them, they are heart shaped wallet and a clipboard.

Meanwhile Jang Do Yeon still searching for clues inside the house, she is trying to attache her earphone to an old radio. Before went outside she met with Kang Ki Young and Im Soo Hyang asking for trade clues. But Jang Do Yeon does not have the clues they were asking for. They are leaving her just like that. Jang Do Yeon blame Yang Se Hyung for this, because of him the other member now treating her like a fool.

Meanwhile Im Soo Hyang found two more clues from slingshot and spayer she went home to solve the clues. Jang Do Yeon went outside and found a sticker that match with her heart wallet, she immediately take a coin from inside the wallet and scratch the heart sticker. She found Mi and Do musical not from the sticker. She found the seventh clues from the wallet.

The last clues from the clipboard are 'Science Music Art' and i think the one that founded the clues are Kang Ki Young i think he found it in the afternoon search. The eight clues are already revealed, now they are trying negotiate with each other for trading clues. Some of them maybe has already solve the clues.

After the searching time ended, they came back home for take a rest and sleep in their room. Three people sneaking from their room after avoiding other people, they are Kang Ki Young, Jennie and Im Soo Hyang. The three of them manage to solve the clue and came for one conclusion seaching at the same place. There are looking in a thread container box near the television.

The night ended and the morning comes, its time for breakfast. Yoo Jae Suk called all the people that are still sleeping in their room. Hes going to play a morning quiz for them. Some of them are still in slumber state. There are quite a lot dish for the breakfast, after a quick quiz three people manage to get a free breakfast. They are Im Soo Hyang, Kim Sang Ho and Kang Ki Young.

At that time Im Soo Hyang and Kim Sang Ho accusing Kang Ki Young as the culprit who managed to find the hidden money an steal it in front of them all.

The short breakfast ended now its time for conclusion, all of them gathered in the yard to hear announcement from Yoo Jae Suk. And he first reveal the hidden meaning behind the clues that they already found. All of them pointing to one final location, that is the thread box container.

Yoo Jae Suk also told them that there are one person among them that successfully found the money. Yoo Jae Suk ask the person two option . The first option is to take the money right away. Or to keep it and hide the money in the next episode and get the double amount if he or she succeed to hide the prize money.

When Yoo Jae Suk was about to tell the person choice, He make them wait intentionally by making his personal advertisement appeared on the screen, lol.

After the quick advertisement Yoo Jae Suk finally  told them that the person want to keep the money for the next episode. All of them startled and begin to looked each other to guess who the culprit among them. End of episode.


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